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Delta Sees Hotel Razing ahead of Eagerly Anticipated Casino Venue Construction

Gaming development in Delta is about to move one step forward with the help of a special demolition. Delta Town and Country Inn was scheduled for demolition on Friday clearing the parcel of land for the future construction of Cascades Casino Delta. The former hotel location is located at the junction of highways 17A and 99 and it was the last thing standing in the way of casino complex construction.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is closer than ever to the official start of construction in Delta and this is a pivotal point for the project. The new gaming facility with adjacent family-friendly offerings up for grabs is going to amount to an overall CA$70-million investment and there is a possibility that it would be the first casino in British Columbia to feature cashless payments eyeing money-laundering prevention.

Demolition Work Prepares Construction Site

January saw a long-anticipated demolition permit issued by the City Council, which gave the project a green light. British Columbia Lottery Corporation also gave its approval to the permit essentially leaving only one last mandatory step.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure had to have a final saying in this situation in order to propel the demolition forward. If everything goes according to the previously issued schedule for construction work and preparation, the new casino venue would be able to welcome its first casino patrons in 2020.

Mid-March projections were that the demolition should start by the end of the month, but this estimated date was postponed to mid-April. Demolition would not be the only process taking place on site. Prior to the official construction, the site would see more preparation work.

Gateway Casinos made it clear that some areas of the future construction site would have to undergo a special hazmat abatement, eventually making them suitable for their future purpose of welcoming thousands of customers on a regular basis without health risks. Once this task is completed the official construction could commence.

Next Steps Anticipated Soon

The Ministry of Transportation made several comments regarding the specifics of the site and the way in which workers would access it. It would have to be optimized in the weeks prior to construction work start. The casino venue might be special in more ways than expected, as Delta officials work on introducing a cashless manner of operation for the local gambling venue.

Richmond is a neighboring community that had previously been linked with money laundering of copious amounts of cash. River Rock Casino has seen allegations of being a laundromat for years on end and its proximity to Delta appears to be concerning for the local officials. Delta Mayor George Harvie made it clear he would fight for a cashless casino venue once he becomes Mayor and he has already started his agenda.

February saw a delegation pay a visit to Ottawa where officials presented their ideas of a casino venue that does not accept cash payments whatsoever. Local politicians had not pondered the idea of a cashless venue, but this conversation could be beneficial for Delta down the road.