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Loto-Québec Glitchy Poker Platform Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Loto-Québec faces serious charges because of an ongoing glitch of its gaming platform that has led to some unfair advantage for some poker players. A class-action lawsuit was recently filed, as an application was filed at the beginning of this month. It claims that Texas Hold’em poker action comes with a flawed platform that benefits some players.

The alleged flaw in the way the system works has allegedly allowed some poker players to have an advantage while gaming online. Elisabetta Bertucci was the individual who decided to fight for her rights when it comes to fair gambling in the online space. June 1 saw the introduction of the class-action lawsuit to the Quebec Superior Court.

Unfair Advantage

Joey Zukran is the lawyer from LPC Avocats representing Ms. Bertucci and the people possibly affected by the online poker flaw of the Loto-Québec platform. The lawsuit claims that information about the poker rivals was available to some poker players participating in Texas Hold’em gaming action.

Ms. Bertucci herself claims that she had lost about CA$18,000 as a result of the platform glitch. It should also be noted that upon encountering her complaint, the Crown corporation offered her CA$15 as an online gaming bonus she could use across The glitch occurred up until May 18, 2020, and it benefitted individuals using an iOS device to play online.

As it is specified, iPad users had the option to reveal pocket or hole cards of their rivals on the table. Two hole cards at the end of each hand could be revealed and the player was unable to stop this process. The lawsuit also makes a point that the glitch might have also been benefitting all iOS devices users. As a result of this flaw, some players had access to their rivals’ cards and an unfair advantage over them.

Glitch during Poker Game

This also revealed their strategy and made it easier for the iOS users, in turn, to adjust their own strategy and plan their next move. The class-action lawsuit involves a wider group of individuals all affected by the same conditions and allegedly unfair treatment.

LPC Avocats now offer individuals the chance to register and become part of the group of people directly affected by this flaw. All poker enthusiasts that have participated in online poker at or OK POKER up until May 18, 2020, have the right to register and become part of the class-action lawsuit seeking to protect their violated rights.

According to the lawsuit, Loto-Québec should return the money poker individuals have poured in online gaming on that platform up until May 18. Moreover, each individual entering the lawsuit would then claim CA$300 covering the damages caused by the platform glitch. The lawsuit claims that the Crown corporation has failed to provide online gaming fans with a reliable platform while it also violated the very rules of traditional Texas Hold’em Poker action.