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Loto-Québec Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Online Scratchers

Loto-Québec celebrates its 50th anniversary with diverse gaming offerings up for grabs online, now that players have tons of time on their hands and are willing to explore the premium gaming platform. Gagnant à Vie, Jeu de Mots, and 7 Chanceux are only some of the online gaming offerings that could change players’ lives in the upcoming weeks.

Social distancing is a crucial practice at the moment, which is why players make the best of the situation and explore the online gaming products up for grabs. The Crown corporation encourages Quebec residents to explore the local, as this keeps the money flow within the borders of the province, instead of fueling offshore casinos and illegal gambling platforms.

Premium Offerings

The year 2020 is here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Loto-Québec and make sure that players have had the chance to try their luck with some of the most popular lottery products now in an online form. Gagnant à vie is among those, bringing a payout of CA$1,000 per week until the rest of the winner’s life or a one-time payout of CA$1 million.

Every ticket costs some CA$4 and the player has the chance to change their life for good. Players have to scratch all areas of the ticket representing different games and see whether they win or not. Each payment they become eligible for would be paid to their account. The second offering is the popular Jeu de Mots featuring many words in a bundle.

Each scratch ticket costs CA$3 and the main prize coming with it amounts to some CA$25,000. Every ticket comes with seven games that should be scratched off, as the player reveals whether they win or not. The 7 Chanceux ticket is also available online and many players seem to approve the scratch feature it comes with.

Great Prizes

The neon number 7 it is renowned for should be scratched in order to reveal several prizes. If three of those are identical, a player instantly becomes eligible for the money payout and they would receive it via their espacejeux account. Another way of winning big includes the golden symbol 7 that could make them eligible for one of the prizes listed on the bottom of the scratch ticket.

Loto-Québec also highlights its Mots caches ticket at the cost of CA$2. Its grand prize amounts to CA$10,000 and players have to scratch off their grid and search for their letters in a traditional word grid that could end up changing their life. The last scratch lottery offering part of this celebration is the beloved Scrabble game amounting to CA$3 but bringing a grand prize of CA$30,000.

The player commences the game by discovering their letters. Then they have to click on those similar letters in the word grid and see whether they are eligible for a prize or not. All scratch tickets come with the automatic unveiling for a faster pace of the game. Payouts make their way straight to the account of the player.