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Lotto MAX CA$13m Jackpot Halved by Two Provinces

Lotto MAX is once again a topic of wide discussion, as the popular lottery offering recently had its jackpot snatched. The CA$13-million Main prize coming with the May 5 draw ended up being divided between two lottery tickets in Ontario and Quebec. Each of them became eligible for a cash payout of CA$6.5 million essentially halving the overall prize.

Lottery tickets are among the popular gaming offerings for many Canadians, as many people consider them a fun pastime activity and the thrill of the upcoming draw is a sensation that could not be compared with anything else. The expectations about to upcoming regular draw make this gaming offering much more exciting, as Lotto MAX players could confirm.

Lotto MAX Jackpot

The latest draw took place on May 5 and it came with a Main prize amounting to CA$13 million but instead of having a single winning ticket, two tickets are now eligible for the cash prize. One of those lucky tickets was sold in the region of Barrie in Ontario, whereas the second one was sold in Quebec.

For the time being, neither of the winners has contacted their respective Crown corporations. Loto-Québec has yet to reveal the particular area where the second winning Lotto MAX ticket was sold. This recent draw highlighted the numbers 25, 28, 32, 41, 42, 44, 45, as well as the bonus number 18 as the fortunate ones. Matching all seven of the regular numbers guaranteed the Main prize.

Matching six of the seven numbers, in addition to the bonus one, resulted in a cash payout of CA$123,221.70 and one ticket became eligible for that. Lotto MAX comes with several additional chances of winning a hefty pile of cash, one of which is the ENCORE bonus draw. An individual hailing from Ottawa became eligible for a cash payout of CA$100,000. Their ticket comes with the number 684257 printed on it.

Two Provinces Win

All winners associated with the May 5 draw have a total of 52 weeks to claim their prizes. However, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation closed its prize center back in March and for the time being, lottery winners hailing from the province would not have the chance to bag their prizes. Social distancing is a mandatory practice across Canada and it prevents traveling to the special location.

The Crown corporation recommends that the winners validate their tickets as soon as they find out they are the winners of a particular cash payout. This could happen at one of the authorized retail locations overseen by the Crown corporation. Then they should sign their ticket and keep it safe along with the validation slip until they are able to receive their prize.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation could be contacted at 1-800-387-0098. The first days of this month saw Western Canada Lottery Corporation announce that a Lotto MAX ticket sold in Yellowknife has become eligible for a cash payout amounting to CA$55 million. The winner of this prize has yet to contact the Crown corporation and take care of the prize.