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NYRA Wants Horse Racing sans Spectators in July

Saratoga Race Course is among the iconic racing locations of New York State and many people look forward to its reopening and live events. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently made it clear that this might be a tough task in the upcoming weeks, as it could bring a larger crowd of individuals and threaten their health. Live horse races might take place without spectators this summer.

Thoroughbred racing is among the popular entertainment possibilities for many enthusiasts, as it draws them together, they enjoy it with their friends and families, and even win money if they had bet on the live race. This year would bring a different experience for many of them, as racetracks across North America plan on reopening and launching their live seasons without spectators.

Live Racing Could Return

Saratoga Race Course is among those racing hotspots that would have to be flexible enough and welcome the changes down the road. New York Racing Association has also been looking into the situation and weighing all pros and cons of live racing without spectators. As is was confirmed by the association overseeing the field, the month of July could see live racing return to New York State’s racecourses.

In order to protect racing enthusiasts’ health, those live events would have to take place without spectators on the premises of the tracks. The process of reopening would have to be a coordinated one with neighboring states, as Gov. Cuomo made it clear. This would prevent players from preferring a neighboring state and traveling there to place wagers. Such a move could jeopardize both heir health and New York State’s budget.

There are several racing hotspots across the state and Belmont Park is another one that should also see its reopening this summer. The racing association wants this to happen once again without a live audience, as this would support the local horse racing field and the horse people relying on the financial support of live races.

Spectators Could Wager at Home

The live racing schedules at both racing hotspots would have to be reworked and stay flexible due to the dynamically changing situation. The reopening dates for both locations would be determined in the upcoming weeks. Gov. Cuomo made it clear that allowing spectators on the premises of the racetracks would have a devastating impact, as people simply want to get out of the house.

Socializing is not recommended right now, but they would still be able to wager on the live events taking place there. From the comfort of their home, racing enthusiasts would have the chance to bet through advanced deposit wagering accounts. Along with those, they would have the chance to use off-track betting outlets. In the meantime, the horse people would utilize purse money in order to take care of the racehorses.

Sen. Joseph Addabbo recently made it clear that the local economy is suffering without live horse racing. He also reminded that back in March, Aqueduct Racetrack held live racing without spectators and the practice was a successful one. July and August may or may not see live racing return, as Sen. Addabbo said that projections are hard to make right now.