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Casino Montréal Joins Les Cuisines Solidaires Project

Loto-Québec is once again proving it is ready to support the province in many ways than simply allocating casino cash on a regular basis. Casino Montréal is about to make the best of the situation and use its premium quality kitchen areas for the preparation of meals for the individuals in need of such support. Projections are that the professional kitchens would be able to create up to 35,000 meals within seven days.

The Crown corporation has many ways in which it is able to support casino host communities and the province in general, but unprecedented situations call for unprecedented approaches. This most recent announcement comes after the lottery and gaming leader of Quebec agreed to collaborate with La Tablée des Chefs.

Solidarity Prevails

April 20 is about to see the reactivation of the kitchen areas of the renowned casino complex in Montreal, as these trying times need the support and expertise of the Crown corporation. Individuals at a disadvantage would have the chance to experience the fine taste of everything cooked at Casino Montréal. The initiative is part of greater efforts in place powered by the Les Cuisines Solidaires project.

It takes an unexpected situation to test the limits and preparedness for action of an entire country, let alone of a Crown corporation seeking the improvement of its local gaming field. Jean-François Archambault, General Manager and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs, made an official announcement regarding the new initiative. A new project has been in the works over the past few weeks.  The ultimate goal for it would be the support of Food Banks of Quebec.

Les Cuisines Solidaires aims to make it easier for people to access nutritional and delicious food in this unprecedented situation. Expectations are that some people would have their first encounter with the Food Banks of Quebec over the upcoming weeks. Projections are that about 1,600,000 meals would be prepared across the province of Quebec.

Support for the Vulnerable

People willing to support the initiative have many ways in which they could do so. One of them is simply becoming one of the chefs cooking delicious meals. Chefs and restaurateurs have the chance to apply for a position at Les Cuisines Solidaires. Locals and people around the globe could also make a donation supporting La Tablée des Chefs that would make it easier for the initiative to continue its day-to-day operation.

The project recently welcomed Loto-Québec and Casino Montréal to the supporters that would actively work towards achieving the original goal of this initiative. The vulnerable groups of Quebec would be able to receive nutritious food on a regular basis starting this Monday. Lynne Roiter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loto-Québec, made it clear that this goal is achievable and the Crown corporation is already preparing for it.

The casino venue in question closed for business on March 12 and ever since then locals have been deprived of the brick-and-mortar gaming offering. They are encouraged to gamble online, as well as purchase their lottery tickets via the premium online platform. The casino venue would see its kitchen areas reopen for this special initiative.