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Chances Kelowna Hears OK Regarding Controversial Gaming Expansion

Kelowna would soon welcome the brand new table games at its Chances Kelowna venue, following the positive vote of its City Council. As a result of this, the gaming venue would expand its offerings with new table gaming and meet the expectations of its patrons. The opposition of this proposed expansion, rival Playtime Casino also managed to express discontentment.

Bringing expanded gambling to the premises of the gaming floor managed by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has been a topic of discussion for quite a while. Local officials spent some time evaluating the pros and cons of this move and the ways in which it could affect the community and the local field. This week saw a discussion on the subject once again and the official approval.

Gaming Expansion Incoming

This week saw more conversation on the subject of table games at the gaming venue. Local officials had the chance to evaluate the positive impact of this expansion both on Chances Kelowna and Playtime Casino. The rival venues offer a rather different portfolio to their patrons and the expansion at the former inevitably threatens the prosperity of the latter. It is all about staying relevant and competitive enough.

Brad Desmarais, Vice-President of Casino Community Gaming for British Columbia Lottery Corporation, pointed out that this move is not part of an agenda against the existing casino venue operated by Gateway Casinos. Chances Kelowna customers have previously expressed their desire to see table gaming on the premises of the gaming venue, as this is something they are missing.

In order to meet their expectations and keep them coming back for more instead of making their way to Playtime Casino Kelowna, the City Council decided to consider the possibility of expanding gaming at Chances Kelowna. Four of five gaming tables are about to make their way to the gambling venue and enhance its offerings for a premium feel and more riveting opportunities coming players’ way.

Playtime Casino Kelowna Worried

Mr. Desmarais responded to the heated debate with Playtime Casino Kelowna, pointing out that this move could not be classified as market stealing. The leading principle of British Columbia Lottery Corporation points towards collaboration and complementing, instead of competition that could favor one party solely. Clarissa Pruden, General Manager of Playtime Casino, said that Okanagan is able to offer table games to the people seeking them.

Kelowna Casino in the Okanagan Valley is able to offer players Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Mini-Baccarat, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker and Texas Shoot out Poker. Individuals interested in participating in this type of gaming have the chance to make their way there and gamble. When it comes to the Kelowna gaming field, Ms. Pruden pointed out that Chances Kelowna is known for offering bingo, whereas Playtime Casino Kelowna brings table gaming.

The two locations are located less than five kilometers from each other, making them the closest gambling rivals in British Columbia. In the meantime, locals have already made up their mind, that the two locations offer a rather different experience and each of them targets a particular portion of players. In this sense, they would not cannibalize the local gambling field down the road, as players would not feel tempted to make their way to the rival venue.