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Chances Kelowna Gaming Expansion Gains More Approval

Chances Kelowna is ready for a gaming expansion that is expected to make the gaming location even more popular among the local enthusiasts. The latest announcement coming from the gaming venue is that it would bring card games on its premises. The City Council recently gave its approval of the move and the next step would be the British Columbia Government’s approval of this expansion.

Bringing new and diverse gaming offerings closer to the players that might enjoy them is one of the leading selling points for every gaming venue. The management is striving to meet the expectations of its patrons and ensure that they would keep coming back for more. Listening to the customers and taking their needs into account is what Chances Kelowna has been doing.

Live Tables Added Soon

The gaming venue wants to see the addition of card games to its assorted products available. Live gaming tables with a premium design are projected to bring more individuals to its venue and therefore result in larger gaming revenue. This would mean a larger revenue allocation making its way to Kelowna’s city coffers. Such plans were initially issued publicly in December 2019.

Now Kelowna officials have expressed their support towards this expanded gaming offering, making Chances Kelowna a more inviting gaming location. Local planners made it clear that poker, blackjack, roulette, as well as many more table games, would enhance the venue’s appeal down the road. Moreover, they make it clear that the new live tables installed would not bring an increased risk of problem gambling to the area.

It is no secret that gambling addiction is a serious concern that should be taken into account when a gambling expansion is looming. However, there are no concerns when it comes to Kelowna’s venue. February 25 is scheduled to see a City Council meeting dedicating time to this gaming expansion and taking into account all potential concerns.

Expanded Gaming Considered

Lake Country, West Kelowna, the regional district, and the Westbank First Nations have also been notified about the plans of gaming expansion on the premises of Chances Kelowna. The resounding support is only one fragment of the entire process, as the ultimate approval is about to be given by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Once it has been issued, the venue would have to go through expansion, as more gaming space would be needed. This move would also create new jobs for the locals seeking permanent employment. The upcoming months are expected to see job fairs seeking dealers that would be later on trained to live up to the expectations. For the time being, the gaming venue has not issued a statement clarifying the exact number of table games that would be installed once approval is obtained.

Chances Kelowna is willing to be competitive enough to its rival Playtime Casino, located on Water Street. Located on Springfield Road in Kelowna, Chances Kelowna has been working for over 17 years, ever since its official launch in 2002. The location offers extensive space for bingo activities as well as slot machine gaming.