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Mohawk Million Race Registration Deadline is Upon Us

Woodbine Mohawk Park is about to transform 2020 into yet another year of riveting races and a thrilling live program that could attract an even wider crowd than the one before. Individuals interested in registering for the Mohawk Million race that would see its first edition this year have until February 18 to make a move and enter the generous harness race. The deadline is about to pump up the heat over the next few days in Ontario.

The upcoming live racing season at the harness racetrack is projected to be one of the most memorable ones, as it is going to bring a more diverse schedule. Moreover, it would also introduce bigger cash prizes for the winners of the races, eventually attracting more horse people to the riches they have up for grabs.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Seeks Future Millionaire

February 18 is about to bring the deadline for registration when it comes to the Mohawk Million live race. The harness racing event is about to be introduced for the very first time at Woodbine Mohawk Park and all eyes are set on its prize reaching CA$1,000,000. The official event is about to take place on September 26.

There are several preliminary stages that need to be taken care of ahead of the live race date. Several days ahead of the official deadline, several horse owners have already reserved their spot, but it should be taken into account that there are still several of the nine slots remaining open. John Fielding is one of the horse people that are already preparing for the special race this fall.

He was one of the horse owners to enter the race recently. The first installment for this premium race amounts to US$55,000 and it should be completed by February 18. The second mandatory payment amounts to another US$55,000 that must be paid ahead of June 1. There are nine available slots but more horse owners might want to enter the race.

Woodbine Standardbred Jackpot Hi-5

Such a scenario would trigger a live stream with a draw determining the contestants of this race. There is no way the number of slots would be increased. There is still time for horse owners to enter the race and possibly fill in all nine slots. If there are nine individuals willing to enter the Mohawk Million event, there would be no additional draw and they will all reserve their slot at the September race.

In other news, Woodbine Entertainment made it clear that the Woodbine Standardbred Jackpot Hi-5 is about to see its next payout on February 15. This Saturday is going to witness an overall cash fall of CA$152,060.29. Betting on the aforementioned race is on pause right now, as the payout is scheduled to take place in a couple of days.

It could be recalled that December 21, 2019 saw the last payout. Back then, the Jackpot Hi-5 payout amounted to approximately CA$180,000 and it attracted quite the crowd willing to bag it. About CA$544,793 in wagers ended up making the event evening one of the busy ones at Woodbine Racetrack. February 12 is projected to see the draw for the racing card, mandatory for February 15.