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Woodbine Mohawk Park Welcomes Jimmy Freight Sons, Daughters in 2023

Woodbine Entertainment issued an official announcement for a future racing event. Teaming up with Adriano Sorella, horse owner, the horse racing giant is about to see the creation of the unique CA$100,000 Jimmy Freight Stakes. This special event is projected to take place in 2023 and to include two-year-old horses solely. Jimmy Freight is about to sire all participants of this event next year.

Riveting harness racing events are in constant demand, as more people learn about the excitement they bring. Woodbine Mohawk Park is among the popular harness racing locations in Ontario and as such, it is on a constant pursuit of something new and improved to introduce. A brand new race is about to enter the stage in about three years, as its participants would have to be sired next year.

Special Race in 2023

The year 2023 is about to see the first edition of the Jimmy Freight Stakes featuring horses at the age of two. What would make this event even more special is its purse amounting to some CA$100,000. Mr. Sorella is about to post this purse and ensure that the winner is motivated to participate in this event. For the time being, a particular date for the Jimmy Freight Stakes has not been determined.

It should be taken into account that the year 2020 would be essential for this special racing event, as its breeding season would make the event possible in 2023. Every breeding season is the best time for sustainable foundation to be built and future winners to be highlighted. Jimmy Freight would sire the racehorses entering this event once the breeding season launches next year.

By the time the event is greenlighted, they would be two-year-olds. The renowned racehorse is currently located in Winbak Farm of Ontario, as he retired last month. He is known for being a winner of the O’Brian Award and he has had as many as 21 wins throughout his harness racing career. The total number of races he has participated is 52 events.

2020 Breeding Season is Upon Us

The overall amount of his career purses equates to CA$1,457,405 generated over the course of this horse racing career. The standing stud at Winbak Farm would be available during the 2020 breeding season, which is projected to be quite a heated time of the year. The mandatory fee for Jimmy Freight amounts to CA$5,000.

Mr. Sorella expressed contentment with the collaboration he would be working on with Woodbine Entertainment. The future children of Jimmy Freight will have the chance to enter the race only if they had participated in at least two Woodbine Mohawk Park races by 2023. There is also a cap for this event, as only ten racehorses would have the chance to enter the live event at the harness racetrack.

It would be a unique event for the North American harness racing industry, as it welcomes the sons and daughters of a sole stallion. Meanwhile, Woodbine Racetrack saw the end of its 2019 racing season this Sunday, marking a successful week of endless racing opportunities and wagering taking place on the premises of the racetrack. The last card of this racing season came with a total of 16 live races sprinkled across December 15.