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Woodbine Ent. Bids Farewell to Da Silva’s Thoroughbred Jockey Career

Woodbine Entertainment praises its horse people as well as the individuals making their way to its horse racing tracks, as it is evident by the most recent announcement. December 7 is going to become a day of celebrating Eurico Rosa Da Silva, as the renowned jockey is about to retire mid-December. He is among the most successful jockeys at Woodbine.

Despite the myriad of successes one has had throughout their career, everything has to come to an end with a retirement that would go down in history. One of the renowned jockeys at Woodbine Racetrack is about to see his last races this year. Mr. Da Silva announced earlier this year that his professional career would come to an end this year, coinciding with the end of the 2019 Thoroughbred season on site – December 15.

Horse Racing Successes Galore

Woodbine Entertainment issued its official answer, making it clear that next Saturday is going to be dedicated to one of its most accomplished jockeys – Mr. Da Silva. The 44-year-old jockey is known for his wide experience in the Thoroughbred industry, confirmed by his five titles as the leading jockey of this racetrack.

This year might win him his sixth one further solidifying his position. Solely the year 2018 resulted in as many as 237 victories across the Thoroughbred meet. This is a record-breaking performance, as he outperformed Mickey Walls, another renowned jockey at Woodbine. He has managed to set the record of 221 wins in a single meet in 1991, making it a special year. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this jockey is known for his extensive career taking him around the world.

His first steps in the horse racing industry were made in his home country, but soon his talent took him all the way to Macau. Ever since 2004, he is part of the Woodbine horse people, marking some of his best races. Mr. Da Silva has bagged the Outstanding Jockey award six times in the past. This year was a special one for Woodbine Entertainment, as it saw the 160th running of Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack.

December 15 Brings Retirement

July 29 was a special day for locals, as One Bad Boy managed to demolish all rivals on its way to the first place and the cash prize reaching CA$1 million. This was the first leg of the three-legged Canadian Triple Crown transforming every summer in Canada. Queen’s Plate is the longest-running live race in North America and as such it enjoys the popularity of monumental magnitude.

Mr. Da Silva has two titles of this race, with Eye of the Leopard in 2009 and Big Red Mike in 2010, making the two consecutive years more than special. Next Saturday is about to see a special day of celebration, with Mr. Da Silva taking a central part. He will be part of a special meet & greet event and autograph signing on December 7. All fans are in for a treat, as they will have the chance to meet the famous jockey and commemorate the moment with a photo.

Locals will also have the chance to purchase limited merchandise with Mr. Da Silva’s signature catchphrases. They will also have the chance to donate to the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society and support the horses in need of new families following their racing career at Woodbine Racetrack. At 1:05 p.m. the renowned jockey will be part of a winner’s circle ceremony too.