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Woodbine Racetrack Takes Care of Customers with High-Tech Valet Offering

Woodbine Entertainment is on a constant pursuit of new offerings and elevating the local field on a whole new level. One of the latest additions to the exciting offerings available at Woodbine Racetrack and the adjacent casino location is the valet service powered by Dilawri Group of Companies. Woodbine proudly unveiled the premium Dilawri Valet offering currently available on site of the racetracks projecting to make navigation even smoother down the road.

Often it is the small details that matter to people exploring the offerings of a new location. Regular customers are also delighted to see the improvements taking place. Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park, as well as Woodbine Casino customers are in for a treat thanks to the newly introduced Dilawri Valet offering that would make parking much more pleasant.

Locals Enjoy Premium Service

The giant in the horse racing field recently teamed up with Dilawri Group of Companies in order to guarantee a premium experience for people from near and far. Projections at this point are that the improved offering is about to guarantee parking spots to as many as 140,000 vehicles on an annual basis. In order to make the experience even better, the partnership resulted in a brand new waiting lounge.

Individuals waiting for their vehicles will have the opportunity to spend some time at the new building in the vicinity of Woodbine Gate 10. The premium lounge which would welcome potential players and bettors spans across 640 square feet of space and offers them soft sitting areas, quality entertainment available on site, and more.

Such perks are projected to make the entire experience much more pleasant. This would be appreciated the most in the colder months of the year, when players will have the chance to wait for their car to be delivered in a warm space, instead of waiting outside in the cold. Daniel Caufield, head of partnerships for Woodbine Entertainment, said there are other added improvements to the valet offering.

Woodbine Ent. Strives to Offer More

Improvements come in a bunch, as the special lounge is complemented by a special mobile app, allowing casino patrons or racetrack enthusiasts to do everything on their phone. They will have the chance to order their car and make all payments needed, further optimizing the valet process. The special app would also inform them about the time they have left until their car arrives.

Those willing to use the new app will have the chance to win free parking over the span of an entire year. Along with the premium experience for players and horse racing enthusiasts, Woodbine Entertainment is also ready to guarantee a positive boost to the local Thoroughbred field. LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society is about to see donations coming from across Ontario.

Jim Lawson, Chief Executive officer of Woodbine Entertainment recently expressed his support. This would happen with the help of the Join Jim campaign that would see Mr. Lawson match all donations made online over the upcoming weeks ahead of December 31. Meanwhile, Woodbine Mohawk Park introduced more betting opportunities for the Standardbred racing fans across Toronto.