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Cascades Casino North Bay Readies for July Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

North Bay is ready to welcome its new casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment that is about to witness its launch date in the upcoming months. For the time being construction on the site is in full swing, meaning that Cascades Casino North Bay is well on track when it comes to its construction schedule issued at the beginning of the process. There are about twenty-five weeks remaining until this venue is finished.

Casino complexes have a way of bringing together people with various interests and pastime activities. When it comes to North Bay, the community is in for a treat, as the leading Canadian casino developer is ready to shed more light on its upcoming project and launch its operation in time for the busy summer season.

Casino Operation Commences this Summer

Cascades Casino North Bay is going to transform this year into a special one for the local community, as the casino complex is ready to launch operation this summer. The CA$31.1-million project is about to be the breath of fresh air to the area introducing new gambling offerings, as well as family-friendly opportunities and live events.

The casino project is also expected to create about 300 new job positions. Boosting the local job market is essential for the upcoming years of development, as Gateway’s Director, Communications & Public Affairs Rob Mitchell confirmed. The new complex is going to need both full-time individuals and part-time ones, welcoming casino patrons on a daily basis and making their stay on the premises of the venue the highlight of their day.

Projections are that locals would constitute the predominant portion of the workforce. Upcoming months are expected to see the highly-anticipated job fairs seeking individuals for the project. The new complex would need card dealers and various workers for the casino floor, as well as people working at the restaurant and individuals taking care of the security and protecting casino patrons at all times.

July Launch Date Triggers Preparation

Until then, Cascades Casino North Bay construction work is progressing in full swing. The winter months did not affect it in the slightest, as workers were prepared for the weather changes and the conditions coming with it. As it happens with all casino complexes built by Gateway Casinos, the exterior was the first phase of development, being constructed in the warmer months of 2019. This meant that the internal work commenced in the winter months.

The next step that would be finished in the foreseeable future is the concrete floor pouring. The spring months are expected to bring a fast-paced work on the premises of the casino floor and the adjacent family-friendly areas. Mr. Mitchell also pointed out that all staff members would have to go through the mandatory training phase once they have been hired by the casino operator.

This means that they would be the first individuals to see the casino floor ahead of its completion. The training phase lasts about six weeks and prepares workers for the everyday challenges presented by the casino operation. As a result of it, they are going to be able to meet the high expectations of casino patrons and make their time at Cascades Casino North Bay a pleasant one.