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Ontario Students Learn about Gambling Addiction while Video Gaming

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wants to make sure that problem gambling concerns in the region of Ontario are kept at bay with its new initiative. Centennial College students had the chance to learn more about gambling addictions and the ways it affects their lives thanks to the interactive video game that they played. It showed them the actual impact of problem gambling, an addiction that could hit them hard at any time.

Players are drawn to the instant gratification factor of gambling, as it satisfies their need for thrill and action that has the potential to be a lucrative one. This demand for excitement is often what drags many of them deep into the abyss of problem gambling, affecting their life, relationships, and financial state.

Emotional Response Triggered

Many players consider themselves in control of the situation, claiming they could stop gambling at any time if they feel the need to. However, developing a healthy relationship with gaming is what could truly prevent the situation to spiral out of control. Students and younger people are easily impressionable and therefore prone to developing gambling addiction quicker and with more lasting impact.

This is one of the main reasons why the Responsible Gambling Council introduced this interactive approach to compulsive gambling. Educating them about the devastating effects it could have and showcasing the ways in which gambling affects their brain on a core level is essential for the special program. Danielle Ayee, team leader of Check Your Reflex, made it clear that some 7.1 percent of the individuals between 18 and 24 experience problem gambling to some extent.

This is especially true when it comes to online gambling, available across the Canadian provinces and the opportunities for winning big it provides. As a result of the ready availability of gambling through their phones or via their laptops, they could dive deep into the world of gambling addiction and risk their bright future.

Centennial College Sees Problem Gambling Program

The Centennial College campus at Morningside Avenue recently witnessed the installation of a large LED display allowing players to play an educational video game. It aimed to showcase the exact way gambling affects their emotions and the ways their brains respond to the stimuli provided. The joystick they used processed information such as their excitement at the moment of gambling.

Changes in their emotional state were detected in mere seconds. The bigger this excitement grows, the more players tend to spend while gambling, possibly taking risks. Some of the students that participated in the special test have never before participated in gambling and they learned first-hand that this might not be the most suitable pastime activity for them. Overspending is one of the major problems while a player is chasing a certain win.

The educational program aims to show students how their life could change in a matter of seconds, as gambling addiction could be triggered by the emotional connection players develop. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Ontario Ministry of Health collaborated with the non-profit organization for this interactive and modern approach to problem gambling.