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Videoslots Fortifies Problem Gambling Tools with Wiraya

Videoslots is among the leading operators wanting to see an improved online gaming field with the introduction of better player protection. Its latest move is a collaboration with Wiraya for the implementation of its proprietary responsible gambling solution. The implementation is about to improve the player experience and ensure that they are protected at all times. Problem gambling is a concerning issue that should be taken into account due to the serious repercussions it could have.

The negative impact of gambling addiction on one’s life could sever relationships and negatively influence families. Gamblers developing an unhealthy relationship with gambling often claim they could put an end to their gaming activities whenever they feel like it. In reality, this is rarely the case, as their involvement with the triggers gambling comes with is stronger than they think.

Responsible Gambling Program

Videoslots is one of the leading gaming providers welcoming players on a daily basis. Attracting them with the latest video slots titles is not a hard task for the leading provider, but this also comes with the problem gambling risk. In order to fortify its work in this direction, Videoslots teamed up with Wiraya.

Players are in for a treat, as they will have the chance to experience the premium protection Wiraya offers to its partners and the individuals gaming. Wiraya Responsible Gaming is a well-known package of functionalities on a subscription basis that gives operators the freedom to have a highly customizable player protection tool at their disposal. It focuses on people with a higher problem gambling risk.

The real-time connection it has with an individual makes it a more responsive and flexible program for player protection. It gives individuals the chance to self-exclude from gaming whatsoever, thus making a conscious decision to take control over their life. Those who have shown compulsive gambling signs would see a special message offering them a link to a self-exclusion program.

Wiraya Teams Up with Leading Operator

Players would also have the chance to put a limit on their wagering thanks to the functionalities offered by Wiraya. This is considered a less intrusive approach to curbing gambling enthusiasm and keeping the activity in its healthy dimensions. Another approach Wiraya Responsible Gaming successfully implements is referring players to third-party gambling harm reduction programs. Some of those are Gamble Aware, GamCare, as well as Stodlinjen.

It should be taken into account that the new tool would not negatively affect individuals that have not shown concerning gambling tendencies, whereas problem gambling would be addressed directly. This new tool is projected to support 10 languages, as well as multi-channel connection with the player, including voice calls, SMS, as well as links. Another beneficial feature of this program is its educational potential.

Players would have the opportunity to learn more about the ways in which gambling affects them on a day-to-day basis. It is about to teach them what healthy gambling habits are and how to introduce them to their regular schedule. Ulle Skottling, COO at, stated that existing safe gambling opportunities would be further fortified with this latest collaboration with Wiraya.