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Loto-Québec Celebrates Half a Century with Trip down Memory Lane

Loto-Québec is about to make the year 2020 a special one, as it is celebrating half a century of lottery operation within Quebec. Over the past 50 years, this Crown corporation has been changing people’s lives for the better and this year would see the special monthly draw celebrating 50 years of operation. Tickets sale for CA$2, making them a rather affordable offering.

Five decades of operation and making dreams come true have something to say about the success of a given corporation. Loto-Québec proudly announced that this year would be a period of celebration with many new offerings, tournaments, and new ways in which players could win big. They are projected to increase the popularity of draw-based regular games down the road.

Nostalgic Ticket Up for Grabs

Celebrating tradition before anything else is important for the lottery corporation and this is evident by the new offering that would mark 50 years of operation. January 27 saw the beginning of sales of Loterie Mensuelle tickets, each of which amounts to CA$2. There are five jackpots worth CA$125,000 awaiting their winners to become eligible for them.

As for the official draw for this phase, it would take place on March 14. Players have until March 13 to make their winning purchases and make their way into the group of potential winners. The Crown corporation makes it clear that the odds of winning a cash prize of this draw are one in 7.0. However, the approximate odds of winning the grand prize of CA$125,000 are one in 600,000.

This could further motivate participants to purchase the brand new tickets and be part of the hype. The first five draws of the new lottery offering are about to bring the grand prize of CA$125,000 for five fortunate players. The following five draws of the new monthly offering would tone game action a bit with five CA$50,000 prizes as the maximum ones.

March 14, 2020 Brings Draw

The last five draws announced for the time being would introduce five CA$25,000 prizes up for grabs. Upon purchasing the lottery ticket, players should scratch the Draw Number zone and see their seven-digit number valid for the draw on March 14. It is all about the spirit of nostalgia, as Loto-Québec launched its operation with a monthly draw. Quebec enthusiasts had the chance to enjoy it in January 1970.

It came with the same rules, featuring a maximum jackpot of CA$125,000. It also amounted to CA$2, making it an affordable lottery offering 50 years ago and nowadays. March 14, 1970, was when the first lotto winners in Quebec learned they are eligible for a cash payout. It evokes nostalgia like never before, as the ticket itself is an exact replica of the original ticket with a simple layout and all distinct symbols.

Back in 1971, the Crown corporation was able to support Quebec Treasury with allocations of CA$25 million. Half a century later, this annual amount has increased to CA$1.3 billion due to the wider range of gaming offerings, the heftier jackpots there are, as well as the overall popularity surge. Quebec has collected about CA$40 billion over the past 50 years of lottery operation.