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Loto-Quebec Teams Up with Internap Corp. for Brighter Online Gaming Future

Loto-Quebec is on the verge of essential changes, as it strives to achieve more and bring the best service across the province of Quebec. This ultimate goal appears more feasible than ever now that the lottery corporation announced it is going to collaborate with Internap Corporation in its future operation.

The collaboration between the two leading companies is projected to seamlessly implement Internap Corp.’s iWeb tool that guarantees customer traffic security down the road.

When it comes to Crown corporations and their operation, it is crucial that the individuals using it on a day-to-day basis are protected and feel secure doing so. The online space could often be a place where many criminals seek their victims and Loto-Quebec wants to ensure that its online operation would continue being among the reliable ones as the years go by. This would be possible thanks to Internap Corporation.

Better Cyberattack Protection for Loto-Quebec

The partnership between the two entities is going to result in the implementation of CDN and DDoS mitigation services that aim to guarantee a high level of protection for the online platforms overseen by Loto-Quebec.

The distributed denial-of-service attacks on networks are crucial for the smooth operation of any website. With the help of the DDoS mitigation services, Quebec’s lottery corporation is about to see a set of techniques or tools for resisting or mitigating the impact of a potential attack.

iWeb is about to introduce the power of cloud-based protection services and ultimately mitigate the incoming threat. Furthermore, the Content Delivery Network powered by Internap Corp. is projected to elevate the experience and be especially effective in speeding the delivery of content of websites.

This is an essential feature for websites with high traffic and as well as for those that have a global reach. Loto-Quebec is known for its online gaming offerings available at Quebec’s gaming enthusiasts are known for being drawn to this offering on a regular basis and often preferring it as an easy and fast way to gamble anytime, anywhere.

Online Gaming Shows Growing Popularity

A mandatory step when it comes to a Crown corporation’s collaboration with a new partner is the launch of a request for proposal phase. It included many companies that rivaled for the opportunity to team up with the lottery corporation. At the end of the day, what made the provider of high-performance data center and cloud solutions truly stand out was meeting all of Loto-Quebec’s expectations.

In its future operation, the Crown corporation has to feel secure and be able to rely on outstanding cyberattack protection services, something iWeb could deliver. Andrew Day, Chief Operating Officer of Internap Corporation expressed his content with the turn of events and the level of trust Loto-Quebec has demonstrated. This is crucial in an age when online gaming gains traction across the province.

Last month, the corporation issued information about its financial performance over the fiscal year 2018-2019 showcasing a substantial surge in online gaming revenue. it reached a 23.2-percent jump over the past twelve months of operation. This meant that Quebec players poured some CA$105.4 million into