Industry Reports

Loto-Quebec Celebrates Quarter Century with Breathtaking Live Performances

This summer is about to bring the official 10th edition of the Montréal Complètement Cirque powered by Loto-Quebec that is projected to transform the area over the span of the next weeks. July 4 is about to welcome the official opening ceremony of the entertainment gathering that would take over the city and introduce the art of circus across the city.

Just like every other year, performing arts theater TOHU is going to boost action as well.

Loto-Quebec marks 2019 as a milestone in its operation and the summer months would prove this to be true. The end of July would bring an epic month of celebrations of the 25th birthday of the lottery corporation. Over the past quarter century, it has overseen the Quebec field and offering premium gaming via casino locations, lottery games, and more.

Montreal Welcomes Circus Performances

Over the weeks leading up to August 24, the corporation is about to transform Montreal and enrich it with live performances. One of the organized festivals that would pave the way to the celebrations would be the international circus festival with renowned individuals representing all four corners of the world.

More than 200 individuals deeply immersed in the circus world will have the opportunity to shine bright in Montreal over the said 11 days of action. July 4 is going to bring the worldwide famous Bosch Dreams powered by the Copenhague’s Theatre Republique that would cover the days until July 14.

Montreal-based Les 7 Doigts are going to perform for their fellow Canadians and ticket purchases are through the roof. Tickets for the first show have already been sold out, but there are still seats left at the Pierre Mercure Room for the remaining dates, some of which additional ones. July 9 would bring FINALE, a fusion of cabaret, circus, and rock guaranteeing lasting memories in collaboration with Just for Laughs and the German force Analog.

July 4 Greenlights Action

These live performances would span all the way to July 20 and tickets retail from CA$70. July 4 is also going to greenlight La Galerie featuring both acrobats and a musician for exciting group action at TOHU. This art experience is also going to feature live performances until July 14. Spring, performance with a special British air to it would be presented by Gandini Juggling and Alexander Whitley.

Starting July 3, live shows are going to span all the way to July 8, introducing the intrinsic connection between dancing and juggling. Tickets for all shows could be purchased online via the official website of the festival. TOHU also offers tickets that could be bought in person within the working hours. Purchases could also be made via a simple phone call to 514-376-8648 or 1-888-376-8648.

July 31 is scheduled to see the official start of nearly month-long celebrations of the Grand Feux Loto-Quebec. All events part of the live celebrations are going to take place in the vicinity of St. Lawrence River. Place des Canotiers in Quebec and Quai Paquet in Lévis are about to guarantee the best view for spectators from across Montreal. Fireworks show revisiting beloved movie classics would take over the sky above Montreal.