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Amélie Poulain Meets James Bond During Loto-Quebec’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

This year is a special one, as Loto-Quebec marks its 25th anniversary with great celebrations for everyone to enjoy. July 31 will give start to the nearly month-long celebrations of the Grand Feux Loto-Quebec.

All events part of the live celebrations are going to take place in the vicinity of St. Lawrence River and this year promises to bring more to everyone interested in a spectacular fireworks show and emblematic movies loved by millions of Canadians.

A quarter-century anniversary is a major milestone in general, but especially so when it comes to a gaming corporation such as Loto-Quebec. July 31 is projected to bring major fireworks shows and tons of open-air excitement for everyone in the Lévis and Quebec region. The entire schedule spans all the way to August 24 and includes a total of six nights of celebrations including live dance performances for everyone to enjoy, as well as fireworks, and food able to meet and surpass enthusiasts’ expectations.

July Brings 25th Anniversary Celebrations

As it has been confirmed each of the six open-air events is going to commence at 6 p.m. with a wide variety of food offerings available on site. Place des Canotiers in Quebec and Quai Paquet in Lévis will provide the perfect view of everything happening in the vicinity and in the sky above the large congregation of people.

In addition to those free spots, Quebecois and guests of the city will have the chance to buy special tickets that will guarantee them even better view thanks to the special seats. Organizers of the event have considered all the best locations providing an exquisite view of everything happening and three main zones with paid seats will be open for purchases soon.

Each of the shows will commence at 9 p.m. giving people enough time to make their way to the location. The live dance show of each of the events will be a thematic one lasting approximately one hour, later on, followed by the fireworks show unique for every event. The pyrotechnics show is scheduled to commence at 10 p.m. to everyone’s delight.

Emblematic Movies Inspire Live Performances

July 31 is going to teleport all spectators to the setting of the iconic movie A Night at the Roxbury from 1998. Representing the real spirit of the 90s, this movie is also planning to completely transform the area, as well as the sky above it with its leopard and neon details. Flatlux-Ampleman Group is going to take care of the pyrotechnic performance. Visit Jack Rabbit is projected to transform August 7 with its live swing and twist dance show inspired by Pulp Fiction.

August 14 is scheduled to welcome the royal grand ballroom-themed show based on the aesthetics of Casino Royale. The social dance atmosphere will be reflected both in the dance show and in the pyrotechnic fiesta later on. August 17 is expected to elevate the entire experience on a whole new level, as it is inspired by the emblematic film The Fifth Element. Electronic music will transform the area with its laser beams and LED light.

Once Upon a Time in the West will be the inspiration behind the penultimate live performance taking place on August 21. Enthusiasts will be teleported back in the time of saloons and cowboys through country music and endearing details. As for the last live event, August 24 is going to bring attention to an icon such as Amélie Poulain and her Moulin Rouge-influenced world. This show and the one before it will rely on Royal Pyrotechnics’ expertise for the fireworks in the sky.