Industry Reports

Loto-Quebec Poured CA$2.58M into Facebook, Google Ads over Last Year

Loto-Quebec is among the main engines of the province, allowing players to support their communities while gaming or participating in lottery activities. The Crown corporation is also willing to advertise its offering on many Internet platforms such as Google and Facebook.

The last fiscal year saw an investment reaching CA$2.58 million distributed between online platforms. Advertisement is crucial for every business, as it puts out the word of what there is on offer while working towards achieving better recognition.

Making the brand as recognizable as possible via promotions and sponsored campaign on the Internet is projected to bring excellent opportunities for future development and even better revenue rates. It is no secret that the Internet and social media are the easiest way to reach as many eyeballs as possible. Loto-Quebec knows this and utilizes it on a regular basis.

Investment in Foreign Companies Continue

Promoting their offerings on Facebook and Google has been a priority for corporations such as Loto-Quebec, Hydro-Quebec, as well as Société des Alcools du Québec. The investment in foreign giants has been a hot topic for quite some time, but this has not stopped the Crown corporations from investing in them.

According to recently issued pieces of information, nearly a third of the online advertising budget was poured in the foreign platforms and search engines. The gaming giant overseeing the gaming field in the province of Quebec invested some CA$2.58 million in promoting its lottery and gaming offerings online.

Facebook bagged a larger share of this amount equating to CA$837,234, and it only makes sense. This is where many people keep up with their friends and some of them use it as their news source of choice. Meanwhile, Google received some CA$513,876 of the overall amount increasing their combined share to more than half of the investment.

Online appears to be the preferred way of promoting nowadays, evident by the money spent on printed promotional material. It reached only CA$272,789, some 29 percent of the overall CA$2.58 million.

Traditional Media and Printed Ads Saw Less Money

Meanwhile, over the same fiscal year, Société des Alcools du Québec poured some CA$2.85 in online advertisement. Facebook bagged some CA$554,342, whereas Google received about CA$313,117 of this overall amount. Apart from those two giants, the Crown corporation also invested in promotion across LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Microsoft Online.

Hydro-Quebec revealed that it has invested some CA$2.66 million in online advertisement. What is concerning for the public is that the money goes to foreign companies that are already widely popular around the globe. While this is happening, local media outlets and printed advertisement fail to reach those investment rates. Hydro-Quebec’s spokesperson Linda Bouchard stated that this shift is natural, as more people could be influenced online.

Earlier this year, the same three Crown corporations were under fire once again, this time for the financial support and bonuses many top executives bag. In order to remain competitive, the corporations have given away ‘golden parachutes’ reaching CA$3.5 million in the past couple of years. Loto-Quebec employees were ready to bag end-of-the-fiscal-year bonuses amounting to CA$17.9 million.