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Brampton Man Snatches Canada’s Largest Ever Lottery Jackpot

Lotto MAX made the past weeks more special for players from across Canada, as it reached its CA$70-million cap and increased the excitement in every Canadian province. January 7 was the special day bringing the winning draw for a man hailing from Brampton. Adlin Lewis, a 49-year-old lottery enthusiast was the fortunate individual to bag the maximum prize and a record jackpot for Canada. His name would go down in history.

The year 2020 was predestined to be a special one when it comes to the lottery opportunities of Canada and players were well-aware of this special period. With the increasing levels of engagement with Lotto MAX, came the rapidly growing Main prize, making it even more intriguing, Ticket purchases increased drastically over the past few weeks ahead fo the January 7 draw.

Grand Prize Snatched

Adlin Lewis is the individual bagging the record lottery jackpot and it is safe to say he has won the biggest cash payout of a Canadian lottery game to this day. This week was a special one, as he claimed the substantial cash prize and took a photo with the coveted check many players have only dreamed of holding in their arms.

Mr. Lewis is the 49-year-old individual of Brampton who has been working on risk management up to this point. In order for him to change his life, he had to contact the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim his CA$70-million prize within the 52-week claim period. He learned the good news when he least expected it, as he was warming up his car before work.

He had some time, so he decided to check the preferred OLG App and scan his lottery ticket for easy access to the information about the winners. At first, the mobile application showed an error message, as it often happens upon scanning a winning ticket with a grand jackpot. The second try gave the needed results and he saw the Main prize being displayed on his very own smartphone.

Winner Goes to Work

He could not believe his eyes, but this new notion of being a lottery winner did not prevent him from making his way to his destination – work. Even lottery jackpot winners could continue their day and work responsibilities, as Mr. Lewis proved on that day. He made it to work and spent the day thinking of the most appropriate way to reveal the grand jackpot to his wife.

Some of the imaginative ways in which he wanted to share the good news with her included a trip somewhere or another special move. As it turned out, he woke her up in the middle of the night and told her the good news that they are multimillionaires now. Some of the plans for the near future include important investments that would make Mr. Lewis’ life easier.

This includes several trips he had been dreaming of for quite a while. The fortune gave him the freedom to explore free-time offerings and potentially pick up a new hobby. The risk manager of Brampton had been participating in lottery gaming over the past two decades, finally bringing him closer to the lottery millionaires list.