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Lotto MAX Main Prize Reaches Hefty CA$70m Cap on Jan. 3

Lotto MAX fans have a special day to look forward to, as this Friday is about to bring a new record when it comes to its Main prize. January 3 comes with a Lotto MAX jackpot amounting to some CA$70 million. This is the maximum cash prize the lottery offering could give its fans and Canadians of legal age have already proved their excitement.

In addition to the Main prize, this weekly draw would bring more chances of winning big. Cash prizes go to those who participate in the game and this is one of the main rules enthusiasts have to take into account. They may admire the record Main prize from afar, but they would never have the chance to bag it if they fail to make the winning purchase of a Lotto MAX ticket.

Record Jackpot Coming

This Friday is about to be a special day for the individuals that have purchased a Lotto MAX ticket ahead of the draw. Each and every one of them would have an equal chance of winning the record jackpot and seeing their lives change in a matter of seconds. However, the major cash prize is not the only thing up for grabs this Friday.

In addition to the showstopper, Lotto MAX would be able to grant ten winning tickets with a major cash prize thanks to its additional draws. The special Maxmillions prizes amount to CA$1 million each and there would be ten of them up for grabs. Their number grows with the general swelling of the prize pool. December 31 saw the most recent Lotto MAX draw which featured a total of six CA$1-million prizes up for grabs.

Neither of them was bagged in its entirety, but some CA$4,000,000 was bagged as a result of the special draw. This Friday is expected to see their number round up to 10 and swell the overall prize pool to CA$80 million. In addition to the Maxmillions draw associated with Lotto MAX, there would be an Encore draw too.

January 3 Sees Lotto MAX Cap

It could be recalled that the very first days of October saw a ticket sold in Calgary become eligible for a cash payout of CA$65,000,000. Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed that a single lottery ticket purchased in Calgary claimed the stellar prize. The lucky player has 52 weeks to claim their prize and make the best of the situation.

This summer was also special, as British Columbia witnessed its largest Lotto MAX jackpot. Joseph Katalinic, a former commercial fisherman of Richmond became eligible to CA$60 million following years of lottery tickets purchases. For years, he had been purchasing lottery tickets on a regular basis, but Lady Luck decided that the time is right for him to receive a great cash prize.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation recently issued detailed information on the cash payouts it has sprinkled across British Columbia. Some CA$785 million was paid out over 2019 and lucky players have the Crown corporation to thank for their fortune. This equates to some 86 million cash prizes bagged by devoted players across the province. Now it is time for a new chapter of Lotto Max’ story to be revealed.