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Lotto MAX Crosses CA$50m Mark, Someone Bags Lotto 6/49 Cashpile

Lottery winnings recently met their winners and changed their lives for good. A woman hailing from Kitchener took a photo with the coveted cheque with the prize amounting to CA$100,000 following a Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase that was her lucky one. In the meantime, a player of Quebec is now eligible for the Lotto 6/49 Main Prize estimating to CA$9 million.

Canadians are always eager to make the purchase of a lifetime with the help of a lottery ticket. Its affordable nature makes lottery gaming one of the preferred gaming offerings out there. This is also the reason why Main Prizes of Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are on the constant rise and are quick to swell after someone has claimed them during a regular draw.

Jackpots Galore

Some of the latest lotto winners already contacted their lottery corporations, in order to claim their prizes. One of them is Ursula Draeger, a resident of Kitchener that has been dreaming for this moment for quite a while. The 81-year-old woman made her winning purchase ahead of the December 14 regular Lotto 6/49 draw. To her surprise, the numbers managed to match all needed numbers for the Encore draw.

This is how Ms. Draeger became eligible for a cash payout of CA$100,000, an amount she bagged recently. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation hosted a special ceremony with the winner and her lotto cheque. She elaborated on the moment she found out about the jackpot. Ms. Draeger reported remaining calm upon realizing she is the winner. She was content with the way things turned out and she was quick to contact the Crown corporation.

The prize is about to make her Christmas much more special, as she eyes the purchase of a new car. The winner also considers using the prize for the payment of some bills, as well as increasing her savings. Another player from Ontario also bagged a major prize thanks to his lottery ticket. Amirhosein Nabatchianwill recently received his CA$188,548.60.

The Season of Giving is Upon Us

The Maple resident became eligible for the cash prize back on August 16. His Lotto MAX ticket was a lucky one, even though the prize was not the largest possible. Mr. Nabatchianwill managed to match six of the drawn numbers, as well as the bonus one which made him eligible for the grand prize. Hasty Market located in Richmond Hill would be the location bagging one percent of the overall sum.

In the meantime, a player hailing from Manitoba is now eligible for a cash payout of CA$250,000 and the winner has some 52 weeks to claim their prize before it expires. The most recent Lotto MAX draws were unable to send the Main Prize to someone. December 20 returns with the next regular draw coming with a major prize of CA$50 million.

As time progresses, we are moving closer to the CA$70,000,000 cap. When it comes to Lotto 6/49, a ticket sold in Quebec is now eligible for a cash payout of CA$9 million. Whoever is in possession of the ticket has 52 weeks to claim the prize. For the time being Loto-Quebec has not revealed the place of purchase of this lucky piece of paper.