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Groups of Friends Bag Stellar Lotto Prizes in B.C., Ontario

Groups of individuals are often drawn to purchasing a lottery ticket together as a form of gambling, often times a bonding experience among coworkers. Such is the case with 15 British Columbians working together that became eligible for a cash payout of CA$500,000, meaning that each of the coworkers is about to bag some CA$33,300 for their participation in the lotto bonanza.

All of those individuals hail from Dawson Creek, British Columbia and they have a reason to celebrate, as each and every one of them has been fortunate enough to become eligible for the major cash slice. They have been persistent in their lottery ticket purchases over the years, but it is a known fact that gambling winnings do not come through maturity of chances.

Grand Winners Celebrate

Gambler’s fallacy teaches us that a losing streak does not mean that a winning streak is ahead of us. It is all a matter of chance and the good luck one has. In the situation involving the Dawson Creek individuals, they had purchased a Daily Grand ticket and managed to match all Extra numbers needed for bagging the prize. This meant that the group ticket becomes eligible for the cash payout of CA$500,000.

Stephen Gibson was the individual that purchased the winning ticket and became the captain of this group. This meant that the winning cheque had his name written on him followed by the clarification that this amount is given to him in trust. The winning ticket purchase was made at the Dawson Co-op, meaning that the location is now eligible for a cash payout amounting to one percent of the overall prize.

The first individual to learn the good news about a winning ticket was his wife, instead of the remaining 14 individuals eligible for the prize. Mr. Gibson wanted to share the good news with her first, as he was still in shock and disbelief. He wanted to make the announcement as special as possible, gathering them all after work hours.

Ontario Was Also Fortunate Enough

Another group of individuals bagged CA$1 million for their winning ticket purchase in Woodbridge. The five lottery enthusiasts bought a winning Lotto MAX draw and this made them eligible for the major Maxmillions prize. December 7 was their lucky day, just in time for the Christmas celebrations and the season of giving.

They were quick to claim their prize and split it five ways, every one of them receiving CA$200,000. Jeevara Oshana, 28, was the captain of this group and he was the person checking the lottery ticket shortly after the winning draw. Sam’s Food Market and Convenience in Woodbridge was the fortunate location welcoming the ticket purchasers. Now it is eligible for one percent of the overall prize. Plans for holiday trips and exotic locations are on top of the winners’ lists right now.

In the meantime, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation decided to highlight the fortunate event of winning big. Its brand new advertisement campaign brings attention to winners of previous lottery draws. Operation Red Nose volunteers were among the grand winners of 2018. Some 50 individuals became eligible for a cash payout of CA$1 million. The prize was split among them and each of them received CA$20,000.