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Someone in Ontario is CA$70m Richer after Lotto MAX Draw

Lotto MAX enthusiasts from near and far had an exciting recent draw that made it possible for one ticket to become eligible for the Main prize. The record amount of CA$70 million coming with the two recent lottery draws was snatched on January 7 by a ticket sold in the Brampton area. Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket has 52 weeks to claim their prize.

Following weeks of no winners of the Main prize, Lotto MAX had become one of the hot topics across the Canadian provinces. People were wondering who the next lotto millionaire would be and making sure they have an equal chance of winning the grand prize that was progressively rising. It managed to reach its cap of CA$70 million and there was no way up.

Lotto Jackpot Snatched

Once reached, the amount could not be surpassed, but instead, Lotto MAX sees more of its Maxmillions additional prizes. The most recent draw managed to bring 25 CA$1-million prizes, often perceived as a consolation prize for those who could not make it to the Main prize of the draw. As it was confirmed, the winning ticket has been sold in Ontario.

A player that had purchased the winning ticket ahead of the January 7 draw had the seven numbers matching those drawn. They were 3, 8, 12, 14, 17, 18, and 29 and for the winner, they might have a special significance they associate with dates, ages, and loved ones. The CA$70million prize would be bagged by a single ticket sold in the Brampton area, but for the time being it remains unknown whether or not the winner is a single player or a group of Lotto MAX enthusiasts.

For the seven tickets matching six of the seven numbers, as well as the bonus number 11, there are cash prizes amounting to CA$197,679.90. As for the additional prizes coming with this special draw, 19 of the 25 CA$1-million prizes were snatched by winning tickets matching the number combination drawn.

Lotto 6/49 Jackpot was Also Bagged

Some of the regions welcoming CA$1-million prizes would be Brampton, Hamilton, the Niagara Region, Oshawa, and Pickering. Nine of the Maxmillions prizes managed to make their way to Quebec, as Loto-Québec recently announced. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is now seeking the fortunate ticket holder that could come forward by themselves or introduce a group of individuals splitting the prize.

January 10 is about to see the next regular Lotto MAX draw coming with a Main prize amounting to approximately CA$33 million. The lottery corporation also made it clear that the OLG Lottery App is currently down due to the large number of individuals checking their tickets during the recent draw. Error messages were displayed on both the Android and the iOS versions of the applications.

For the time being, the app is unavailable while the team is working on bringing it back. This application is among the commonly used lottery apps for checking one’s ticket via a simple scan. Lotto 6/49 is the other lottery offering that was generous recently. January 8 witnessed a ticket match all six numbers and become eligible for the Main prize of CA$25,127,625.50. January 11 would bring the jackpot of CA$5 million.