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British Columbia Congratulates Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Living a Simple Life

Lotto 6/49 has been among the most popular lottery offerings in Canada thanks to the regular draws it features and the high cap it comes with. British Columbia was a province with many winners over the past twelve months, many of them already making major changes to their lives.

Today we are going to review some of the largest Main prizes claimed by lottery enthusiasts hailing from across the province. Lottery jackpots might be an idea very few people manage to fully comprehend. Plenty of players see the zeros but fail to even realize the real magnitude of a giant Main prize once they become eligible for it. Months are needed for it to fully sink in, something British Columbia players could confirm as well.

B.C. – Home of Winners

One of the largest Lotto 6/49 prizes to be claimed within the borders of the province amounted to CA$10 million. Vivienne Mills was the Lotto 6/49 enthusiast of Tumbler Ridge that became one of the first lotto millionaires of this year. She found out about her winning ticket mid-April and took her time before she claimed the prize.

An email from, the online platform powered by British Columbia Lottery Corporation notified her about the jackpot. At first, she thought it was 10 cents she had won, but then she noticed the six zeros staring at her. She could not believe her luck, but she also expressed concerns in regards to the friendships that would have to stand the test of fortune.

Some of the plans she revealed upon bagging her prize was a smaller car purchase, as well as a motor home that would make it possible for her family to travel more often. People living the simple life have become millionaires this year, as another Lotto 6/49 winner could confirm. 

Winners Celebrate Winnings

Vito Halasan of Surrey bagged some CA$7 million back in May with the help of a winning number combination. What made the lottery win even more special was that he claimed that it would not change his life. Mr. Halasan worked as a janitor before the win and he is still working despite the large cash prize. The only thing that changes after the April 27 draw was that he scaled back his work hours.

Ever since he moved to Canada in 2009, he had worked hard for his three kids and four grandchildren. The CA$7 million would sure help him improve their lifestyle and more. Jesse Logan and Teresa Winters Day of Nanaimo claimed another Lotto 6/49 Main prize. The two of them succeeded in matching all six numbers of the regular August 21 draw.

They took their time before bagging the CA$5-million prize but this allowed them to thoroughly consider it and make some plans for the future. Back then, Mrs. Winters Day said that a Disneyland visit was in the works. Meanwhile, Mr. Logan had a dream of having his very own music recording studio, a dream that could easily come true with his slice of the jackpot.