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Come January Alan Kerr to Become Chief Financial Officer of BCLC

British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced the official appointment of a new leading figure to its headquarters in Kamloops. Alan Kerr would become the new Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance & Corporate Services at the very beginning of the upcoming year, as his appointment would become effective on January 13, 2020. He would bring his extensive experience in the gaming industry for BCLC’s brighter future.

When a corporation welcomes a new team member at a milestone point of its development, it is essential that this individual is as proficient in what they are doing as possible. British Columbia Lottery Corporation had been looking for its new executive member for quite some time, as to ensure they would bring improvement to its future operation.

Appointment Effective Jan. 13

Mid-January the official appointment is about to become effective, as Mr. Kerr joins the team of the Crown corporation. The new Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance & Corporate Services would be based in Kamloops, where the head office of the Crown corporation is located. He is going to be the fresh blood much needed in this gaming field, possibly improving BCLC’s operation.

BCLC interim President and CEO Greg Moore expressed his contentment with the new appointment at such an important point of the Crown corporation’s development. Mr. Moore pointed out that the new addition to its team is projected to bring a positive change down the road and be just what the doctor ordered. What makes Mr. Kerr especially important for this executive role is his extensive experience with people management.

This would make his work down the road much easier, as more efficient. Mr. Kerr has been in the Royal Canadian Navy at one point, but he has also worked in both the public and the private sector in his career. The financial background he has accumulated over the years is also a positive trait he would introduce to the structure of British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

BCLC Seeks Executives

At the moment, he lives in Ottawa, but he is working on his relocation to Kamloops, as to facilitate his future work with the Crown corporation. Right now, he is Vice President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer for the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, giving him a relative preparation for the upcoming challenge of his work. Mr. Kerr made it clear that he is ready to work for a better future of BCLC.

In addition tot hat, his relocation to Kamloops would also see contribution to the community, as the future Chief Financial Officer would strive to improve it together with his wife. It should be taken into account that the Crown corporation is willing to introduce new names to its work staff, as there are many executive positions that are currently vacant. Some of those are Vice President, Social Purpose & Stakeholder Engagement; Vice President, Compliance, Legal & Security & Chief Compliance Officer; and Vice President, People & Culture.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is also pleased to support the community of Kamloops with both its direct and indirect work. One of the ways it is able to do so is via its Technology Innovation Lab, which commenced operation in 2018. Students from Thompson Rivers University embarked on an eight-month journey thanks to one of the latest educational programs BCLC offers them. This year the task at hand includes a group of four individuals with eight months to work on the popular choose-your-own-adventure mobile games.