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BCLC Supports Kamloops’ Tech Minds via University Programs

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has once again proven it is striving to bring the positive change closer to the people. One of the ways it is able to do so is via its Technology Innovation Lab, which commenced operation in 2018. Students from Thompson Rivers University embarked on an eight-month journey thanks to one of the latest educational programs BCLC offers them.

They have the chance to learn about the real high-tech world in the premium conditions of the lab. The latest group to enter the special space and put their skills to the test comprises of four individuals. They are ready to learn more about the world of tech and put the co-op program to good use. The special lab is located in Kamloops, making the area a riveting one for tech geeks.

Eight-Month Programs for Students

British Columbia Lottery Corporation does not focus on gambling and lottery offerings solely and this has been confirmed throughout the years across the province. The improvement to host communities in the form of gambling revenue allocations, support for lottery retail locations coming from jackpots claimed, as well as community gaming grants are only some of those ways.

Giving back to the community and the province as a whole is a leading topic of the Crown corporation wanting to have a lasting positive impact on British Columbia. The special Technology Innovation lab aims to make it easier for tech students to see the real world as it is and acquire the skills much needed in an ever-changing gaming environment.

They have the chance to work on a new application that could later be used in the real world. This puts to test their theoretical knowledge gained during the university studies. BCLC Chief Information Officer Pat Davis, stated that the program lasts eight months and allows students to learn more while their university semesters are in progress. It is essential for the students to have real-life skills once they graduate, instead of entering the workforce equipped solely with their theoretical knowledge.

Tech Experience in Real-Life Conditions

The first year of operation of this tech lab saw students work on artificial intelligence programs such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, some of the leading AI programs as of now. The students had tasks aiming to see the creation of mobile applications using artificial intelligence that are especially popular nowadays and would continue developing in the future with even greater speed.

This year the task at hand is entirely different – the group of four individuals has eight months to work on the popular choose-your-own-adventure mobile games that have also gained traction over the past 12 months. The player could change their future in the game with a single decision they make. The end result of this work would make the lottery experience even better and more eco-friendly. British Columbia Lottery Corporation is working on a new paperless lottery experience that would make the offering more sustainable.

It is an added experience to the lottery gaming one, as to make the anticipation of the upcoming lotto draw more manageable. The Crown corporation recently highlighted that it is among the driving forces of Kamloops’ technology hotspot reputation, as it was confirmed by Thompson Rivers University’s study called The Case of a Home Grown High-Tech Sector in a Small Canadian City in the Journal of Rural and Community Development.