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Cascades Casino Chatham Bolsters Local Hospitality Businesses

Cascades Casino Chatham is able to propel local businesses like no other, as the local hospitality field has confirmed recently. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham revealed that it is about to introduce an expansion. As many as 48 new guest rooms are going to be added to the premium inn located in Chatham. This would facilitate the increased flow of customers in the area, as people seek a place to spend the night while they enjoy a couple of days in Chatham.

There are many ways in which a casino venue could impact its host community and many of them are positive ones. Those range from the annual allocations generated by the gaming revenue on of the venue, to the created job opportunities for locals seeking steady employment.

Holiday Inn & Suites Chatham

A popular casino location is also able to support the host community’s economy through boosting operation of businesses located in the vicinity of the venue. Such might be the case with Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham eyeing expansion in the foreseeable future. Dean Bradley is the President of Brad-Lea Meadows Ltd., the company overseeing operation of the hospitality location.

He pointed out that at this point estimating the real impact of the casino venue would be hard to pinpoint. Guests of the inn do not highlight their reason for needing an accommodation upon arriving at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham. Only time would tell whether the surge of interest would continue growing with time.

Cascades Casino Chatham launched operation in July this year and proved the CA$36-million investment has a lot up for grabs. This is when the soft opening took place, while the official opening took place in August. Mr. Bradley confirmed that the hotel expansion is about to launch in September 2020 for a well-rounded process on site. It would include the renovation of the existing 117 rooms, as well as the construction of 48 new ones.

Others Benefits for the Community

The entire Holiday Inn is about to undergo the renovation stepping up its game for travelers and gamers. The 48 rooms added to the overall number of rooms available for booking would be added to the top floors of the Holiday Inn. It could be recalled that the beginning of September saw Cascades Casino Chatham impact the local community in another positive way.

The greenlighting of a fifth CKTransit route within the community became reality. It essentially made access to the casino complex much easier while adding an entirely new trip during the busiest time of the day. The locals and guests of Chatham-Kent welcomed such a positive impact. Many locals interested in more convenient transportation offerings and the opportunity of going anywhere faster had eagerly anticipated the month of September.

The new CKTransit route covers the area between Richmond Street and Queen Street and its positive impact has already been visible. The new independent casino complex was built from scratch and comes with 300 slots and 10 table games, as well as two signature restaurants – MATCH Eatery and Public House and The Buffet.