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British Columbia Home of Two Brand New Lottery Millionaires

Lotto Max has been quite generous over its most recent regular draws changing the lives of people across the provinces. Several Canadians bagged million-dollar prizes and there are several that have yet to contact their lottery corporations. A CA$20-million Lotto MAX ticket was sold in a particularly sparsely populated region of B.C. – the Stikine region on the border of Alaska.

Despite the low number of individuals hailing from this British Columbian area – about 740 residents in total, one of them managed to match all numbers needed for bagging the Main prize coming with that particular draw. For the time being, British Columbia Lottery Corporation has not revealed the exact place of sale of this winning ticket. It should also be taken into account that the ticket might have been purchased by a group of individuals.

One Week, Two Jackpots

This is a common practice for many Canadians that would result in the sharing of the CA$20,000,000 prize. However, at this point, the winner could be anybody from those fewer than 800 residents of the region, potentially someone hailing from Atlin the most populated community. The winner of this Main prize has some 52 weeks to contact the BCLC and claim their prize before its expiry date.

After bagging this large jackpot, Lotto MAX returned for its nest regular draw with a rather modest Main prize, at least by its standards. The CA$10 million jackpot was patiently awaiting its winner only to find it on Friday. Once again, the single winning ticket was sold in British Columbia. The Crown corporation has not pinpointed the particular area where the winning ticket was sold ahead of the special draw.

This winner also has 52 weeks to bag their Main prize before its expiry date. November 5 is about to return with another CA$10-million Lotto MAX jackpot up for grabs. Another player, this time hailing from Calgary reached out to claim his record-breaking CA$65,000,000 Lotto MAX Main prize. Tai Trinh became eligible for the cash prize on October 4.

Calgary Player Bags Record CA$65m

It could be recalled that the beginning of October saw a winning ticket of Calgary become eligible for the grand prize. Mr. Trinh took his time to claim his prize, as he needed some time for the news to sink in. At first, he kept the good news to himself and nobody knew that he is Alberta’s latest lotto millionaire.

Almost a months passed by without him revealing the truth, as he also had to figure things around the large amount of money. A CA$50-million prize has yet to be bagged by another lotto player in Calgary. In the meantime, Lotto 6/49 continues swelling its Main prize, as its most recent CA$11-million draw could not find its winner.

This means that the upcoming draw on November 6 is about to bring a Main prize reaching CA$14 million. It should be noted that a player of Alberta became eligible for a CA$1-million guaranteed prize coming with the most recent draw.