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Former Lovers Fight Over CA$6m Jackpot, Others Make their Dreams Come True

Lottery jackpots could be one of the most fortunate events in one’s life, but they could also spark litigation for years to come, especially when it comes to multiple people demanding a slice of the cash prize. Chatham resident Maurice Thibeault and his former girlfriend Denise Robertson have been in a legal dispute over a CA$6-million from a lottery ticket winning the amount in September 2017.

Ever since last August, Ms. Robertson fights in court in an attempt to bag half of the overall cash prize coming with the winning lottery ticket. She claims that the ticket was purchased in a joint manner, which makes her eligible for CA$3 million of the cash prize. Projections back in the summer of 2018 were that the investigation would come to an end by the end of the year, subsequently greenlighting the trial.

Legal Battle Continues

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation gave half of the jackpot to the court and the amount is currently held in trust until the legal dispute is solved. Mr. Thibeault argues that his ex-girlfriend is not eligible for half of the jackpot, as the two of them never actually arranged a deal for halving the prize. During the investigation period, Mr. Thibeault collaborated with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, answering all questions.

Meanwhile, in British Columbia lottery enthusiasts appear to have no issues with the cash they receive. Ken Jorgensen of Powell River recently bagged his CA$675,000 but it was all part of a dream come true scenario. Literally. Mr. Jorgensen had a dream about winning the lottery about two years ago and in it, he had just turned 60.

In reality, only six days after his 60th birthday he became eligible for the cash payout of the Set for Life ticket. At first, he found it unbelievable and handed the lottery ticket to his stepdaughter who eventually confirmed the winning. Mr. Jorgensen said that the first thing on their to-do list is paying off the mortgage and celebrating it with a trip to Shuswap Lake with their eleven children and grandchildren.

Winners Plan Lavish Trips

This month was especially fortunate for another British Columbia couple, this one hailing from Cache Creek. Their passion for Lotto 6/49 made it possible for them to bag a significant prize and live a hassle-free life. William and Sandra Morgan received some CA$500,000 as they succeeded in matching the Extra numbers coming with the Lotto 6/49 draw.

October 2 was their lucky day changing their life for good. They made the winning ticket purchase at the Northills Shopping Center in Kamloops guaranteeing them a spot among Canada’s lotto winners. Upon checking the winning ticket, Mr. Morgan could not believe his eyes, so he gave the ticket to his wife.

She confirmed that they are, in fact, winners now. Now it is time for a celebratory trip to Hawaii and Las Vegas they have always dreamed of. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX returns with CA$10 million as its Main prize on October 22. On the following day, Lotto 6/49 could grant fortunate players CA$5 million in cash, as well as one Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize.