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River Rock Casino & Resort Prevents Sexual Assaults via Cutting-Edge Tech

Feeling safe at the workplace is one of the main factors that would keep an employee around for longer, especially nowadays when the conversation about personal space and boundaries has been widely discussed. River Rock Casino & Resort in Richmond wants to be a pioneer in the field, eventually introducing a revolutionary React Mobile safety system. Every employee has already received one of the special devices that would report location in times of need.

Employees’ safety is the number one priority for all respectable companies willing to protect them at all costs. Feeling safe and knowing that they can rely on support from the security staff is a crucial factor for the mental well-being of the staff. River Rock Casino & Resort knows just how important this is, which prompted the introduction of cutting-edge technology making it a pioneer in Canada’s gaming field.

React Mobile Protects Staff

The newly introduced technology called React Mobile would aim to make the casino venue and the hotel area of the complex a much safer space for staff members. Each and every one of them would receive a special fob with a button that would not only make them feel safe but also protect them in a potentially dangerous situation involving patrons or guests of the hotel.

When they are working alone, for example cleaning the rooms on a daily basis or interacting with a customer at the casino venue, the fob could be useful for their own peace of mind. At the push of a button, they will notify the security services that they are in need of help. This little fob is connected with a mobile app, which would share the location of the individual at the given moment, making it easy for security to intervene.

On a national level, this innovation became available only recently. This is why the Richmond hotspot wants to implement it, making a move in the right direction. James Fry, River Rock’s Assistant General Manager, clarified this new addition has nothing to do with previous sexual misconduct allegations.

New Technology Implemented

It could be recalled that back in May this year, British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby released two reports revealing previous occasions of sexual assaults against casino workers. High roller players were involved in the harassment happening at the casino in 2017. The reports came as a result of research conducted by Paladin Security.

It monitored about six months of operation between 2017 and 2018, revealing the concerning reports. According to the allegations, River Rock reported some of the sexual assault occasions, while others were omitted. Several of the reports revealed information about staff members subjected to sexual assaults involving VIP casino patrons in 2017. Great Canadian Gaming claims that all instances were reported in a timely manner.

Potential non-reporting is a concerning issue that is in direct breach with the existing Gaming Control Act. The React Mobile safety system is only one component of the protection employees have while they are on the premises of the casino resort. The security team works around the clock, using a surveillance system covering all public areas of the complex.