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VIP River Rock Casino Players Sexual Assaults Draw Attention to Staff Safety

Sexual misconduct is frown upon at all times but especially so at the workspace where employees are supposed to receive fair work conditions and protection. River Rock Casino is currently in the spotlight of attention after British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby released two reports revealing previous occasions of sexual assaults against casino workers. High roller players were involved in the harassment happening on site of the casino venue in 2017.

Casino venues are a place of entertainment and a favorite pastime activity for many individuals. They ought to be a safe space for everyone involved in the gaming opportunities happening on site of the gambling venue. However, as it was recently revealed by two reports, this was not the case at the casino venue in Richmond. River Rock Casino has been known for the constant flow of VIP gaming patrons making their way there and allegedly laundering dirty cash.

Sexual Misconducts Allegations Concern Government

The two reports saw the light of day only recently and they had already taken the field by storm. Paladin Security researched the status quo at the gaming venue over the span of half a year between 2017 and 2018. This piece of intelligence revealed that the location has reported some occasions of sexual assault taking place on site, but omitted to report others to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

This is a serious issue and once BCLC was notified that there might be unreported sexual assaults, it was quick to notify the Gambling Policy Enforcement Branch. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is the casino operator overseeing management on site. Potential non-reporting is a concerning issue that is in direct breach with the existing Gaming Control Act.

According to the information listed in the report, multiple occasions of assault took place in 2017. The unfortunate situations were reported to the casino operator as soon as they had happened, but later on, the information appeared to have disappeared. It should also be taken in to account, that the staff members reported they have been asked to ink non-disclosure agreements.

Recommendations Aim to Protect Employees

This allegedly prevented the information from making its way to the BCLC, eventually leading to the two reports. The first one, as mentioned earlier was a review of the work conditions on site. It revealed several unreported occasions of sexual assault involving VIP casino patrons. As for the second report, it was performed by the Gambling Policy Enforcement Branch and was a mandatory next step in these circumstances.

According to the information it unearthed, BCLC was notified about all concerning situations happening at the casino venue, leaving only a couple of less harmful events unreported. All players should be considered equal despite their VIP status at River Rock Casino or the lack of such. The reports discovered a special treatment for the high roller players, as this was an unspoken rule around the VIP salons on site.

Since casino staff protection is of utmost importance, as many as eight recommendations were issued by the GPEB. They would aim to inform employees about the behavior that should not be tolerated and must be reported, as well as implement training. All casino venues across the province would have to introduce a player code of conduct that should protect staff.