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River Rock Casino Brings Stellar Open-Air Performances this Summer

River Rock Casino in Richmond is on a constant pursuit of excellence both with its gaming offerings and the live entertainment opportunities it offers. The Curve Patio that welcomed its first superstar recently confirms the second half of the previous statement.

Superstar Shaggy gave green light to this series of parties and set the tone for the upcoming months of outdoors quality time. Maintaining a good ratio between casino offerings and more family-friendly activities at a casino resort is crucial for the diverse crowd making its way there, as well as for the overall revenue bagged on an annual basis.

This summer is about to become instantly hotter with the help of River Rock Casino located in Richmond. Management is willing to step up its game and introduce regular parties taking place at the open-air patio.

Live Shows this Summer

In order to meet the expectations of people of all ages and excite them for the upcoming summer months, River Rock Casino decided to be a breath of fresh air with its patio parties. Every Friday and Saturday over the course of this summer will feature vibrant parties at the Curve Patio welcoming locals and guests of Richmond.

Those interested in diversifying their weekends and trying something new are welcome to experience River Rock Casino like never before. Every party night is set to commence around 9:30 p.m. and extend until the wee hours of the night.

All individuals of legal age will be allowed on site without an entry fee, making the congregation even more attractive. Richmond residents are on a constant search of new places where they could have fun.

For the guests of River Rock Casino and the casino patrons drawn by the generous cash prizes, these weekend parties are projected to be the cherry on top of their stay there. The special patio parties come with a full spectrum of experiences, as individuals have the chance to enjoy live performances of renowned DJs and musicians.

Curve Patio Welcomes Superstars

The first party of the Summer Lights Patio Party series took place on June 21 and transformed the area with live performance of Shaggy. The worldwide-known Jamaican musician was ready to increase the temperature with his hits “Angel,” “Boombastic,” and “It Wasn’t Me,” transporting people to their youth and a music era with an entirely different vibe to it.

Shaggy was also proud to perform live his newer tracks part of his joint album with English musician Sting. The collaboration is called 44/876 and was proudly presented on stage of the Richmond casino resort open-air patio. For those ready to enjoy their time there, the management offers fine dining with traditional dishes such as classic poutine, but it also offers drinks and brunch on Sundays.

Increased interest levels towards the location would call for more parking spots in the vicinity of River Rock Casino. It could be recalled that in October 2018, a Richmond resident was eager to see a revival of the free parking lot adjacent to the casino resort. Back then, Great Canadian Gaming’s Media Relations Director Sonja Mandic stated that the parking lot had to stop operation because some people started using it as “a dumping ground”.