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Fresh Power Pick 6 Wager Enhances Thoroughbred Racing at Woodbine

Offering new and exciting wagering opportunities is essential for the progressive development of a gaming giant, such as Woodbine Entertainment. The Ontario-based leader recently announced a new addition to its diverse gaming portfolio, transforming this Friday with its thrill.

Woodbine Thoroughbred enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy the fresh new Power Pick 6 wager, making the entire experience more exciting. Players across Canada are known for their passion for wagering while enjoying favorite pastime activities such as live horse racing.

Wagering on the outcome of the event enhances the entire experience, while promising riches to the potential winner. As it often happens, players look for the most popular wagering offerings closer to them, something Woodbine Entertainment is ready to cater to. Power Pick 6 is set to launch this Friday with fast-paced Thoroughbred racing action.

Players Adore Live Thoroughbred Racing

It is a regular betting opportunity enjoyed by horse racing fans across the world. All they have to do, in order to participate in it, is to highlight the winners of six consecutive races and pick them right. The difficulty level of this wager is a rather advanced one, as many factors are involved in a single live race, let alone in six.

Woodbine Entertainment wants to make it the most favorable wagering option, introducing a 15-percent pari-mutuel takeout rate that would attract players. Moreover, this offering would come with a 20-percent minimum, proving its generosity.

In order to make the offering appealing to as many players as possible, Woodbine Entertainment would introduce a Jackpot element to its payout style. This means that the overall cash prize would go to the horse racing fan that has managed to match all six winners with his single ticket for participation.

All entry fees and more would go to the Power Pick 6 winner, making the activity even more attractive. The traditional Pick 6 wager originated from the daily double activities that demanded picking the winner of either the first two or the last two races of the day.

Power Pick 6 Brings Excitement

Woodbine Entertainment’s Power Pick 6 would not follow the traditional payout rules, mandating that the winner receive a prize, just like the players that have picked five out of six winners. In the instance that a single winning ticket is not available, half of the amassed cash would be transferred to the following live racing opportunity. Meanwhile, the players who have picked five winners would bag the remaining half in equal slices.

October 4 is about to see the official first edition of this live wager that is scheduled to continue all the way to December 15. This is when the Woodbine Thoroughbred racing program is about to come to an end for his year. Ontario’s Woodbine Entertainment knows the importance of keeping the field as contemporary as possible, a task possible with the help of a new rule.

In a recent statement, the horse racing leader made it clear that the months ahead of the end of 2019 would see a new rule. The change would come in collaboration with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario, and the Jockey’s Benevolent Association of Canada, all giving their nod. jockeys would be allowed to use only underhand whip position, they must avoid cocked position contact while protecting the horse’s belly from any whips.