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October Brings Annual London Selected Yearling Sale to Western Fair District

Following weeks of preparation, mid-October the annual London Selected Yearling Sale is about to take place, bringing tons of excitement. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation would once again team up with Ontario Racing in order to bring people several intriguing opportunities within the schedule of the yearling sale.

It is about to transform October 19 and 20 at the Western Fair District in London. Horse people are always willing to gather at booming events and network with likeminded people, an opportunity generously presented by the annual London Selected Yearling Sale.

The Metroland Agriplex at the heated racetrack in London would once again welcome Standardbred horse racing enthusiasts from across the province and set the tone for the upcoming live racing events. London is known for its well-developed horse racing, making the two-day event even more anticipated.

Standardbred Horse Sale

The Crown corporation and Ontario Racing are two of the leading sponsors of this congregation that would present several workshops and locations within the yearling sale. The Welcome Center, Equine Expo, as well as the Horse Ownership Workshop, would all be powered by the two leading forces of the horse racing field.

All of those aim to make horse people’s time much more pleasant and informative. The Equine Expo is created in a way that would make current and future horse owners’ life much easier through information and various products in store.

They also have the opportunity to learn more about the services related to the Standardbred horse world. People interested in purchasing a horse would also have the chance to learn more about their future life as a horse owner at the Horse Ownership 101 Workshop.

Over the past couple of years, both the Welcome Center and the Equine Expo have been widely accepted by people interested in the field. Active participation in the Standardbred field starts with a strong foundation of knowledge and useful tips from current horse owners and experts. The special workshops have this and much more up for grabs.

Future Horse Owners Learn More

The Horse Ownership 101 is scheduled to take place on October 18, the Friday greenlighting the Standardbred gathering. It comes with the opportunity of getting to know trainers and consignors, as well as the yearlings on sale this year.

Over the past few months, both studs and breeding yards have been preparing for the annual event. This preparation is essential, as it guarantees a less stressful experience during the several days of the sale. The summer months are dedicated to preparation, as the horses are introduced to lunging, hand walking, while their coats and manes are being conditioned.

The horses need to be in top shape for the annual sale, a condition that would guarantee them being sold to a new owner. Everyone interested in experiencing more can also make their way to The Raceway at Western Fair District for a premium dinner. Horse sale is scheduled to commence at 12 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.