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London Councilors Vote on CA$75M Starlight Casino Project Tuesday

London officials responsible for the area’s future development might be ready to make a move on its upcoming gaming field this week. Amid contrasting opinions on Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s newest project, council members are projected to vote on its future and the mandatory approvals related to its future development.

This Tuesday is going to bring a milestone meeting that would shape the field. Starlight Casino London is going to be a CA$75-million casino complex that aims to bring both gaming and more family-friendly offerings to the area.

The ultimate goal of this new project would be for it to attract a crowd and make London an even more appealing location both for locals and people from neighboring communities. This also has the potential to reshape the local business map, as the area is projected to become more appealing to individuals.

Casino Complex Sees a Vote

Its ultimate location is a hot topic at the moment, as a rezoning application would have to receive approval soon. It is going to make it possible for the casino operator to build on 3334 and 3354 Wonderland Road and create an appealing complex for everyone to enjoy.

It could be recalled that up until December 2018, the conversation revolved around possible development at Western Fair District. Such an approach was supposed to boost both the horse racing field with regular allocations and the casino operator seeking wider exposure.

However, a change of plans was announced at the end of the year, stirring the pot. The new proposed location mandates the issuing of a rezoning that would propel the project. Tuesday is expected to bring the mandatory vote on the subject and projections are in order.

More than half of the 15 council members are projected to give their approval to the casino complex future development. This is a crucial point of the casino discussion on a local level, as it could prevent neighboring communities from drawing the casino complex elsewhere.

Tuesday Brings Milestone Decision

A potential casino operation in London would result in regular casino allocations to the city coffers that would be used in various ways and for the fueling of various roadworks, beautification work, and more. Projections are that this amount could reach CA$7 million on an annual basis. In addition to that, some 1,000 permanent London residents are going to receive the opportunity to have a steady job part of the casino complex structure.

This would revive the local job market. The recent discontent expressed with plans for construction away from Western Fair District was confusing for Gateway Casinos. Ward 9 Coun. Anna Hopkins and Ward 11 Coun. Stephen Turner opposed the idea during a recent council voting that could not see all council members participate.

In response to that, Rob Mitchell of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment made it clear that this plan is no longer considered by the casino operator, as the southwest area of London is eyed. Now Mayor Ed Holder made a point that insufficient support of a casino complex on Wonderland Road could send Gateway Casinos to Southwold Township or to St. Thomas. For the time being, projections are of prevalent support.