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Gateway Casinos Is Now One Step Closer to Starlight Casino London

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is on a constant pursuit of new gaming opportunities and making sure its offering reach a wider audience of casino patrons. London is also preparing for the riveting offerings of a new premium casino location and a crucial step in the right direction would be a rezoning application that was filed by the casino operator.

This is a requirement for every new gaming facility since it has a special purpose and requires a zoning arrangement. Over the last months of 2018, the casino operator announced its official decision to scrap plans for casino expansion in Western Fair District and go for an independent casino facility in the southwest part of the city. The zoning application relates to a parcel of land currently owned by concrete company N-J Spivak Ltd.

New Casino in London Soon a Reality

The future gambling facility is projected to rise at 3334 and 3354 Wonderland Rd. S., between Bradley Avenue and Wharncliffe Road. Such location has been chosen with casino patrons in mind, as it aims to utilize the constant flow of individuals in this area of London. This is expected to result in higher gaming revenue and subsequent larger allocations to the city coffers.

Gateway Casinos wants to transform the way the said area of the city has been used up until now and greenlight operation of a casino complex that would also feature dining offerings and other family-friendly entertainment opportunities. Just like every Gateway Casinos venue across Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, this future location is about to transform the area with its premium pastime activities.

It is going to bear the Starlight Casino brand featuring two floors of space welcoming individuals of London and neighboring communities. The opportunity for development in this area of London could make for a full-bodied casino venue with adjacent restaurant offerings which would establish Gateway Casinos as the leader that it is.

Rezoning Application To be Reviewed Soon

Up until now, the casino developer has operated within Western Fair District thanks to its slots venue offering a limited array of gaming opportunities. With its operation, the gaming facility was able to support the horse racing location through regular allocations. However, expansion was the only logical step for Gateway Casinos and negotiations commenced.

For two entire years, the casino operator negotiated mutually beneficial conditions with former Mayor Matt Brown but to no avail. This is when the final decision for an entirely new casino venue address was made and publicly issued. Western Fair District’s management was aware that the casino operator has been looking for an alternative parcel of land that would result in an independent building.

Highway 401 would be able to guarantee a steady flow of customers. The local community is also welcome to chime in and express a position on the zoning notice recently filed in. May 8 is going to see the official deadline for comments on the subject, but there have been concerns expressed about the traffic situation in the area of the new casino venues, as it is an already busy road. Ward councilor Paul Van Meerbergen pointed out that this could be an issue, but he is still going to take into account all factors to this story.