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GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

A casino operator has many ways to give back to the community and show its support in times of need. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has proven this via its signature GatewayGIVES program that has supported many organizations and causes.

The latest announced financial injection would happen soon and is related to the London, Ontario explosions in Old East Village. The casino operator announced it is about to donate CA$5,000. Over the course of its operation, a casino venue could benefit the host community in many ways.

This could range from regular gaming revenue allocations on a regular basis, to powering the local employment market with vacant spots. There are also the support programs that are also funded by gaming operation and they could be put to good work in times of need. London is currently in need of support that the casino operator could guarantee.

CA$5,000 Donated by Operator

Wednesday saw a devastating situation nobody could have predicted, as a woman drove her car into a house in Old East Village’s neighborhood. As a result of the crash, a gas line was struck, ultimately causing a massive explosion in the neighborhood.

As many as ten houses have been affected by the blowing up, which happened minutes after the car crash, but nobody expected it. Among the individuals that had to be immediately taken to the hospital were 12 residents, as well as seven police officers and firefighters.

Jack Burt, London’s acting deputy fire chief, stated that the area has not seen an explosion of this magnitude up until now and the fact that many people were already outside of their homes by the time of the explosion.

Gateway Casinos announced it would support the local community with casino cash. Some CA$5,000 would be donated to the Old East Village Woodman Families Trust established by Libro. Thanks to the GatewayGIVES initiative, this would be possible and the people in need of support are going to receive such.

Locals Seek More Support

The entire community is actively working towards the mitigation of this explosion, with many organized fundraisers across London. Many locals were evacuated, eventually rounding the number of properties to 100. Some of the people received shelter at the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre, while others took matters in their own hands and found themselves a spot to stay at.

Gateway Casinos oversees its gaming hall at Western Fair District, offering locals the thrill of participating in table game action, as well as playing at diverse slot devices available. The casino operator has plans of building Starlight Casino London, a project equating to CA$75 million. It would be built on Wonderland Road, north of Wharncliffe Road, as it recently received a rezoning approval by local officials.

City Council held a crucial vote that ended up showing 9-4 support. GatewayGIVES recently granted more cash during the grand opening ceremony held at Cascades Casino Chatham. NHL stars Max Domi and T.J. Brodie received some CA$2,000 from the special program, which would be invested in future juvenile diabetes research.