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Retiree Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Winner Bags CA$15,764,647.10, Ready to Invest

Canadians are always eager to make it to the most exciting lottery jackpots and the past few weeks have been nothing but generous to people from across the country. Lotto 6/49 is able to bring some of the best main prizes, the most recent bagged one reaching CA$15.8 million.

Richard Sobkowicz from Napean became eligible for the grand jackpot on July 3 and took his time to claim it. Lottery enthusiasts are known for their perseverance and for the regular nature of their ticket purchases.

People have been purchasing lottery tickets for years on end before claiming a cash prize, sometimes not even one of the bigger ones. This rarely rains on their parade, as many of them are in for the main prizes. The most recent jackpot winner proves that it is never too late to bag a grand jackpot. The 68-year-old player is now a multimillionaire.

Lottery Jackpot Meets Its Winner

July 3 came with a fortunate draw and a lottery jackpot of CA$15,764,647.10. Everyone interested in bagging it had the chance to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket ahead of it and have a chance of claiming it.

The numbers drawn were 13, 21, 26, 30, 38, and 39 and a ticket managed to match all six of them. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation had an extensive database that is able to locate every ticket purchase across Ontario.

Soon after the draw was over, the corporation revealed that a winning purchase has been made in the Ottawa region. This was the sole information it announced publicly, encouraging people to check their pockets for misplaced lottery tickets.

A common practice in this situation includes the announcement of more details upon a further delay. This ended up being unnecessary, as the winner took his time but not too long to claim his Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Even though he has been looking forward to this moment, it was still surreal for Mr. Sobkowicz to bag the multimillion prize.

July 17 Brings Bigger Windfall

He checked his ticket in person and he recalled that words Big Winner were spelled upon scanning his ticket. This happened at a lottery retail location and the store manager was also excited to witness a main prize ticket. Once he learned about the grand jackpot, the Napean man seemingly remained calm, while on the inside he was celebrating.

This is a common reaction among jackpot winners, as they usually need some time to properly process the information and eventually express their true feelings about it. He had purchased the winning ticket at a Petro Canada in Napean and expectations are that the popular location is about to gain even bigger popularity following this jackpot claim.

Now that he has bagged the prize, the 68-year-old man plans to make an investment. In addition tot hat, the retired individual wants to spoil his immediate family with the fortune. July 13 came with another draw and a jackpot of CA$5 million, which remained untouched and growing until the next regular draw on Wednesday. That one is about to come with nearly CA$7 million.