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Quebec Lotto MAX Player is Canada’s Next Multimillionaire Eligible for CA$65M

The lottery hype all around Canada became an even bigger one this week, as Tuesday’s draw was a more special one. While everyone was fretting over the jackpot reaching its newly set cap of CA$70 million, the seven crucial numbers for the jackpot winning matched with those on a single ticket purchased in Quebec.

This essentially means that a Quebec Lotto MAX player is now eligible for a grand jackpot of approximately CA$65 million. All eyes were set on this Tuesday’s draw, mainly because for the past weeks the Lotto MAX jackpot has been progressively growing to entirely new heights.

Never before had a Canadian lottery jackpot reached the colossal sum of nearly CA$65 million. Such a record-breaking accomplishment was praised on a national level, eventually leading to an even bigger interest towards the game and more ticket purchases.

Grand Jackpot Awaits Winner

The draw was special not only because of the main prize but also with the numerous chances of winning big. This Tuesday draw brought to its lottery enthusiasts a total of 10 CA$1-million MAXMILLION prizes that awaited their lucky winner. The bigger the main prize, the more generous all additional prizes become, such was the case in this regular Lotto MAX draw.

Said CA$1-million prizes become even more once the main prize jackpot surpasses the CA$50-million mark. One of those could very soon make its way to Regina, Saskatchewan, as the fortunate ticket has the number combination 02, 08, 15, 26, 28, 33, 50 printed on it. As for the main prize, a total of CA$70,706,032 will soon be bagged by Lotto MAX enthusiasts from near and far.

A ticket purchased in Quebec was able to match all seven of the drawn numbers needed for the main prize. Those were 18, 23, 28, 32, 34, 44, and 50 and for the eventual winner hailing from Quebec they might have a special significance. At the beginning of this week, concerns were expressed that the chances of winning the Lotto MAX grand jackpot have decreased significantly.

Lotto MAX Reigns in a New Era

Up until May 11, the odds of matching all seven drawn digits were 1 in 28 million, chances guaranteeing jackpot on a more regular basis. Mid-May the five lottery corporation agreed to introduce a cap increase, as well as the additional number 50 to the overall number of balls included in every draw. This eventually worsened the odds of matching all of them to 1 in 33,294,800.

May 14 saw the first Tuesday draw in Lotto MAX’ history, attracting quite the attention. In response to the concerned players claiming that the additional number has decreased their chances of winning big, lottery corporations pointed out that this has been a request by many individuals playing on a regular basis. In essence, the Crown corporations have listened to Canadian lottery players and given them what they demand.

Apart from the grand jackpot of CA$65 million, this draw was also able to grant two CA$425,809.80 prizes for those players who managed to match six of the drawn numbers plus the additional number 29. Thus it further increased the overall amount of cash won during June 11 draw. All residents of Quebec are advised to check their pickets and homes for Lotto MAX tickets, as they might be Canada’s next multimillionaire.