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Lotto MAX Might Make Hitting the Jackpot Difficult Despite Additional Draws

Lotto MAX is one of the preferred lottery games across the Canadian provinces due to its high progressive jackpot limit and the additional cash prizes it has on offer in every single weekly draw. This game is about to witness a revolutionary upgrade on May 11 when the main prize limit would surge to CA$70 million, whereas the weekly draw would increase to two.

The opportunities of winning big thanks to the Lotto MAX are many and players are well acquainted with the potential it has for creating millionaires. In order to maximize the winning potential and attract an even larger audience, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation wants to introduce a significant change of the way the lottery game is going to take place starting this May. This is going to be possible with the increased limit for the main prize.

Limit Improves, while the Odds Worsen

The last time such an increase happened was in 2015 when the maximum lottery jackpot reached CA$60 million. This was a groundbreaking decision that ranked Lotto MAX as the most generous lottery game in Canada. Players are eager to purchase their tickets in the hopes of becoming multimillionaires.

This is especially true several weeks after a recent jackpot hit when Lotto MAX begins swelling once more. Another change to the status quo would be introduced with the addition of one more number to the lottery balls. Up until now, action included the numbers 1 to 49, but now the number 50 would also be included.

This is not going to change the mandatory seven numbers plus a bonus one. However, people specializing in lottery odds of winning big are concerned by this change, as it has the potential to change the entire nature of the game. This fiftieth number is going to alter the odds of bagging the main prize to 1 in 33,294,800, a worse situation when compared to the existing 1 to 28 million odds.

Additional Draw Takes Place Tuesdays

In this sense, even though the limit is rising and a fortunate enough lottery player could become a millionaire, the chances of doing so decrease. This could be salvaged with the help of the additional weekly draw giving players more chances for participation. For the time being, Friday has welcomed the Lotto MAX regular draw, but May 14 is going to see the first ever Tuesday one.

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are among the preferred games, evident by the rising jackpots they feature every single week. Right now Lotto MAX is a hot topic for Canadians of all provinces. Since the April 5 draw would come with a CA55-million jackpot that could be bagged by a single ticket or divided between several. If this does not happen, the current main prize limit of CA$60 million would be reached supposedly by April 12.

According to the regulation, all ticket purchases surpassing the cap go for the funding of Maxmillion draws guaranteeing CA$1-million prizes. Additional draws are also going to enrich the player experience down the road. They are yet to see the potential impact of the changes, as well as the claiming of the current increasing jackpot.