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Quebec Warns of Fraudulent Betting Sites Ahead of Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVIII is just over 48 hours away and as one of the largest sporting events in the world, it is expected to bring some immense betting volume. However, Loto-Québec advises Quebecers who plan on betting on the event to be careful about fraudulent online gaming websites, which use the logos of the Crown corporation’s casinos in social media advertisements.

At the moment, Loto-Québec is the only legal provider of both retail and online gambling entertainment to the La Belle Province. Additionally, unlike Ontario, the province does not run an open iGaming market, and currently,, is the only legal option for online casino and sports betting. Its proceeds are reinvested into the province’s economy.

Quebecers Should Be Mindful Online

In a recent statement, the Crown corporation cautioned Quebecers that there are fraudulent advertisements pretending to be its casino properties on Facebook. Renaud Dugas with the regulator said they are aware of the practice. Already several such deceitful pages have been closed down after collaborations with Meta and they will continue to report them.

Furthermore, the spokesperson, remarked that as the Super Bowl draws near, residents must remember that in the province, there is no ambiguity. Therefore, if it is not part of Loto-Québec’s offerings, it is not legal. In the province, the only legal iGaming site is, and its Mise-o-jeu, Lotteries and OK POKER.

A spokesperson for the Quebec City Police Service David Poitras explained ads for fake online gambling platforms are a form of phishing and urged them to remain vigilant. Meanwhile, SPVQ urges locals not to click on a link unless they are 100% sure of the source. In case of doubt, they can enter the address in the search bar and see the results.

Lastly, the Régie d’Alcohol, Les Courses et des Jeux reported is also aware of this phishing tactic. On top of calls about shots or bingos on Facebook, the company reveals that it has also received complaints about illegal gaming platforms that did not honour cashouts to the winners, explained Joyce Tremblay, a spokesperson for the RACJ.

Calls for Regulated iGaming Increase

However, it should be mentioned that there are efforts from the Québec Online Gaming Coalition to establish an iGaming market similar to the one in Ontario. The initiative was also supported by the Canadian Football League’s commissioner who also called for Quebec lawmakers to look into a competitive market for online sports betting sites.

Still, the regulator was far from impressed with their campaign and has not budged yet. In December 2023, it was Mr. Dugas who commented that members of the coalition who want to promote responsible gambling and the establishment of a regulated iGaming framework, currently offer online casino games illegally to locals

Source: Baril, Victoria “As Super Bowl approaches… beware of fake online gaming sitesLeSoleil, February 8, 2024