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Rivalry Corp. Shares Business Plans for 2024

This week, a prominent sportsbook and iGaming platform for Millennials and Gen Z, Rivalry, provided a business update on its strategic plans for 2024. In a letter to its shareholders, the gambling brand explained it is committed to defining the future of internet gambling for a generation born on the internet and being a market leader in the inevitable generational shift.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the company is a leading sports wagering and media firm that offers regulated betting on eSports, traditional sports, and casinos for the next generation of players. It operates in over 20 jurisdictions around the world, including Ontario’s open market for online gambling brands and it has held an Isle of Man license since 2018.

Sample of What’s to Come in 2024

In its update, the operator said that after the successful 2023, it is poised to continue on this path in the new year. This year, the company is looking to double down on proven marketing tactics which provide business operating leverage. Also, in 2024, the operator will seek to launch more first-party games, which will combine gaming, betting, and entertainment.

The company will also focus on casino B2B opportunities, as its games have demonstrated their ability to engage an under-30 demographic and generate revenue. Product innovation is also high on the list, as for 2024, the firm has prepared new releases and enhancements to the current product suite across, sportsbook, casino, and more, as well as higher-margin verticals.

In the meantime, the operator will also focus on player value, by enhancing innovative player retention initiatives via gamification and loyalty programs. These will not only boost user satisfaction and compound player value but also contribute to the profoundly unique experience it offers. Entering new markets across the globe is also high on the 2024 goals list.

On top of all that, the popular brand for Millennials and Gen Z players famous for its eSports offerings intends to invest more in traditional sports. In its letter, the operator said it will expand its traditional sports vertical, which has increased by 60% since 2022. The company said it is a testament to the success of its brand among Gen Z widely and allowing it to expand even further.

Recapping Some of 2023 Highlights

Throughout 2023, Rivalry made some significant moves to boost its operations. For instance, in September, it debuted its cutting-edge Casino.exe on its iOS mobile app across Ontario. The product is a proprietary casino platform which combines ’90s nostalgia with interactive entertainment. In addition to that, eight new games were added to the platform.

Then in October 2023, the operator launched a custom-branded slots category on Casino.exe. It launched more than two dozen slot-style games to the operator’s rapidly expanding casino library, which impresses an early 2000s online design. These slots can be found under a separate custom-branded page on the digital casino, providing even more options for its fans.

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