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Playtime Casino Kelowna Halts Operations After Burst Pipes

Kelowna media outlets report that a water-related incident was the cause of Playtime Casino Kelowna temporarily closing down on Sunday, January 14, 2024. The incident was caused by bursting pipes and water flowed down onto the floor and even outside the building. The gaming property suspended work for around half an hour tells local media.

Located around 242 miles east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Playtime Casino Kelowna is a gambling hotspot for many locals. It touts a gaming floor with more than 450 slot machines, along with a selection of live table games, including blackjack, e-roulette, ultimate Texas hold ‘em and EZ baccarat. It is operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment.

Work is Back to Normal

According to sources from Kelowna, on Sunday, at around 3:30 p.m., firefighters responded to a call for a broken sprinkler head at the casino. Due to the burst pipes water flowed down from the second floor of the establishment to the outside and onto Water Street. Guests were allowed to reenter the premises after the water was cleaned up.

Then on Monday, the gaming hotspot kicked off operations as it normally does. No formal damage estimate was disclosed by the casino, but it is believed that the repair costs were close to minimal. Also, no one got hurt. The General Manager for the venue, Clarissa Prude shared that pipes running between the property’s kitchen and its parking lot had frozen due to the cold weather.

As reported by weather experts the temperatures in the city close to the Okanagan Lake were between 28 and 34 degrees. Meanwhile, Clinton Wood, a guest of the property, shared that he was playing table games on Sunday afternoon when the alarm kicked off and staff instructed all of the visitors to vacate the property.

Mr. Wood explained that water was running all over the venue and even onto the street below the parkade. He even joked about getting a pretty good car wash out of the incident and that there were all these people making all that money on the floor, then the alarm went off. He shared that there were quite a few people on the gaming floor playing table games and slots.

Running B.C.’s Newest Casino

Just over 15 months ago, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment expanded its operations in B.C. as it launched Cascades Casino Delta, which is the new gaming amenity in the Western province. It is located at 6005, BC-17A. Its patrons will be able to enjoy a premium gaming floor of 500 slots, 18 table games and stadium-like gaming, along with some fine dining options for patrons.

In the fall of 2023, Delta shared that the new gambling location is already a major contributor to the city’s budget plans. Delta’s finance department predicted that while the fourth quarter of 2023 is still underway, the gaming site will deliver approximately CA$1.8 million in revenue to the city’s coffers for 2023. This corresponds to the initial projection of its revenue flow to the city.

Source: Silverstein, Ed “Canadian Casino Forced to Close After Pipes, January 16, 2024