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Edmontonian Discovers CA$1.6M Lotto 6/49 Prize After Eight Months

After almost a year, an Edmonton man has finally contacted the Western Canada Lottery Corporation about claiming his Lotto 6/49 windfall. Giuseppe Bruno got himself a ticket for the March 11, 2023 draw, however, he did not check the ticket until November 9, 2023. Only after scanning the codes, did he realize that he had won CA$1,666,666.70.

Since September 2022, Lotto 6/49 has come under a new format, as it offers a Classic and a Gold Ball draw. The classic draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday, and has six winning numbers from 1 to 49, providing a CA$5 million jackpot. But in Mr. Bruno’s case, his and the other two tickets matched the winning numbers, splitting the big prize in three.

Taking His Time

After finally scanning some of his old lottery tickets, Mr. Bruno saw CA$1,666,666.70 on his screen and called up his wife and both were left stunned by the winning. The winner shared that then the two waited a couple more days to check the ticket again before he contacted WCLC. He finally redeemed the life-changing windfall on November 11, 2023.

As per Lotto 6/49 protocols, the winner has up to 52 weeks from the date of the draw to withdraw their prize. If the Edmontonian took just more months, he would have missed the window. However, he checked the tickets via the Lotto Spot App in time. After discovering the win, he was in a state of shock that he had to double-check the ticket and even made his children check it too.

The winner also noted that he and his family do not have a concrete and long-term plan on how they will be using the prize money, but short term, they will share a portion of the prize with the family. Mr. Bruno added that they will pay off some bills, and give some to family, but most of the money will most likely be put away in a bank for quite some time.

In the March 11, 2023 draw of Lotto 6/49, his ticket matched six out of six winning numbers on his CA$8 ticket. The winning combo was 06, 13, 21, 29, 33, 49 and the winning ticket was purchased from Mother Hubbard’s Foodstuffs, located at 7923 106 Avenue NW in Edmonton. Meanwhile, the other two winning tickets of the draw were in Ontario.

Lotto 6/49 Awards More Big Payouts

Just last month, Canada became witness to a major winning in the new Lotto 6/49, as an Ontario man took home a CA$68 million jackpot from the September 27 Gold Ball draw. OLG handed the mega prize to Noel Patricio from Toronto which arrived as an early Christmas present. With the money, he plans to take his sisters on a dream vacation to Italy and enjoy more spare time.

In addition to that, in December, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s PlayNow reported another significant Lotto 6/49 windfall but this time in the Western territories. A sole winner is eligible for a CA$50 million jackpot in the Saturday, December 9 round of the game. The winning ticket has Gold Ball numbers of 25957733-01. Players are advised to check their tickets.

Source: “Edmonton man waits 8 months to claim $1.6M lottery prize: ‘Dumbfounded’ Yahoo News, January 5, 2024