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Lottery Tickets are Not for Kids, Reminds BCLC

The holiday season has arrived and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has an important message to adults in the province. As part of its #GiftSmart campaign, the Crown reminds that lottery offerings including Snatch Scratch & Win tickets should not be gifted to children. It urges parents not to put such lottery products in their children’s Christmas stockings.

BCLC is a state-run organization that offers responsible gambling and lottery products to the Province of B.C. It also runs PlayNow, which is the only regulated iGaming platform in the province and 100% of its proceeds are invested into the local economy. Proceeds from its gambling operations are also used to support local organizations, groups, and communities.

Lottery Tickets are Not for Children

Ryan McCarthy, Director of Player Health at BCLC remarked early participation or exposure to gambling while young can increase the risk of developing a gambling issue in the future. He said adults may not be familiar with these accompanied risks, therefore as part of the Crown’s commitment to healthy play, it reminds lottery products should not be gifted to children.

Study finds that 10% to 14% of adolescents are at risk of developing a problem gambling condition, while 4% to 6% of youth ages 12 to 17 are currently affected by problem gambling. Studies from all around the globe point out that the average problem gambler started such activities at the age of ten. That is why parents need to intervene early.

Mr. McCarthy added that it is never too early to start the conversation, and said that kids and gambling do not mix, many teenagers are already doing it by wagering on things such as card games or buying loot boxes in video games. He advises parents to explain the risks, such as the one of loot boxes, and tell kids about how the outcome is random and the possible harms.

In conjunction with the National Council on Problem Gambling and McGill University’s International Centre for Youth Gambling, BCLC is also sharing its #GiftSmart message via reminders at lottery retailers across the province and social media. The Crown corporation advised adults to lead by example, as kids learn from their parents.

Enhancing Player Protection Efforts

As part of its responsible play efforts, in October, BCLC started another campaign highlighting the downside of playing on offshore gambling websites. In a spot, a wealthy site owner – Chip of Chip’s Offshore Gaming, enjoys when locals use the website as he makes money out of it. It concluded with a voiceover reminding that PlayNow is the only safe and secure gaming site.

At the start of 2023, the Crown agency made updates to its Game Break self-exclusion program. With the updated version, players will see that the program is more approachable and has new elements to support BCLC’s ambition to have the healthiest bettors in the sector. The program received a new name and an improved reinstatement process for players deciding to return

Source: “It’s Okay to be a Grinch: Be #GiftSmart and Snatch Scratch & Win Tickets from Kids’ StockingsBCLC, December 11, 2023