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BCLC Urges Players to Avoid Offshore Gaming Websites

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is putting more effort into protecting its gamblers and keeping them away from unregulated websites. This month, the Crown kick-started a new campaign highlighting the downside of playing on offshore gambling websites. These online platforms continue to exist in the province and are still easily accessible.

In comparison, this time last year, BCLC debuted an advertising campaign to promote its iGaming platform, which is the only regulated online gambling website in the province of B.C. In that 30-second spot, the Crown underlined the importance of the platform, which invests 100% of its gambling profits into the province.

The Downside of Unregulated Sites

But this month, BCLC and its agency One Twenty Three West are emphasizing the negative side of betting on offshore websites. Its new TV spot features a wealthy site owner – Chip of Chip’s Offshore Gaming, who enjoys when locals use the website as he makes money out of it. The spot concludes with a voiceover reminding that PlayNow is the only safe and secure gaming site.

Clay Dube, BCLC’s senior specialist, brand and advertising said the latest campaign’s strategy was based on data. He explained that a top motivator as to why players choose PlayNow is due to being a local, safe, and secure website. In his words, players are fond of the fact that this way money stays in the province while supporting provincial initiatives and have easy access to the winnings.

In the spot, captured by Michael Clowater of Radke Films, Chip joyfully explains how he may or may not pay players’ winnings as he paces around his luxurious mansion—demonstrating that offshore gambling is not always a great idea. The campaign includes radio, social and digital and runs in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba in October and into the new year.

Over the years, BCLC has used various spots to promote its gambling brand while also trying to protect gamblers. In March 2023, it ran a campaign which outlined the similarities between everyday gamblers and professional sports athletes. It pointed out two major similarity points between the two sides, and it aimed to protect bettors from developing a gambling problem.

Record-Setting Fiscal Year

On top of all that, BCLC has recently issued its Annual Service Plan Report and Accountability Disclosure Report for the fiscal 2022/23. The report confirms that the Crown corporation provided a record-setting net income of CA$1.636 billion. Out of which CA$1.624 billion went to the province and CA$12 million to the federal government.

The improvement in net proceeds can be explained in part by the opening of the new Cascades Casino Delta, which launched operations in the province in September 2022. The new gaming location has a premium gaming floor of 500 slots, 18 table games and stadium-like gaming. It is located at 6005, BC-17A and provides work to around 500 individuals.

Source: Brown, David “BCLC shows the downside of gambling offshoreThe Message, October 11, 2023