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OLG to Review Operator Bids for Windsor Casino

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation kicked off its Request for Pre-Qualification for its casino property in Windsor, Ontario. This way the Crown agency will be able to hear from candidates which wish to perform the day-to-day operations at the property. Currently, the gaming hotspot is operated by gambling giant, Caesars Entertainment.

The OLG is a state-run Crown corporation that is responsible for offering gambling entertainment to the Province of Ontario in a responsible but fun manner. Via its gaming operations, it supports the local economy and since 1975 it has provided almost CA$57 billion to the provincial coffers to support different sectors such as healthcare, tackling problem gambling and more.

Looking for Applicants

This week, the OLG issued a statement that a Request for Pre-Qualification for the Windsor casino has now commenced. This is the initial stage of the procurement process of selecting a new operator for the amenity to conduct the day-to-day gaming operations. Currently, the venue is run by Caesars Entertainment, but its contract with the Crown expires in 2025.

Duncan Hannay, OLG’s President and CEO, commented that the Crown is forwarding its plans of backing the long-term vibrancy and excitement of the casino experience in the province. He explained that the RFPQ start is the first step towards identifying a highly qualified service provider that will ensure the long-term competitiveness of the casino while also generating economic benefits for the local community.

Through the RFPQ process, OLG will be able to prequalify potential proponents based on their previous experience operating a casino of this magnitude. Those who advance from the first stage will advance to the Request for Proposal. During this phase, candidates will receive documents that outline the opportunity in Windsor and the information required to submit a detailed proposal.

Interested companies must be aware that the ongoing RFPQ process will conclude on May 25, 2023, and bids must be submitted before the deadline. As mentioned, the property is presently operated by Caesars Entertainment, and the current procurement process allows for the existing operator to apply once again and potentially continue its term in Windsor.

In August 2022 the OLG and Caesars Entertainment announced that they have agreed to extend the operator’s previous contract to run the Windsor gaming establishment. According to the Crown Corporation, the new agreement builds on the previous one and extends it by one more year. It is now set to expire in August 2025, and it features the same terms and conditions.

Advancing Offerings

In the meantime, the two parties work tirelessly in providing the best possible gaming experience and product at Caesars Windsor Casino. This January, the property officially launched retail sports betting via a state-of-the-art Caesars Sportsbooks. The new venue is perfect for sports fans who want to enjoy a few drinks with friends while also place their wagers on their preferred sporting event.

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