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Pollard Banknote Inks Atlas Experiences Collaboration

This week, Pollard Banknote issued another exciting announcement for the lottery industry, as the provider has now teamed up with Atlas Experiences, LLC. Аs per the agreement, the two parties will partner on the creation of a new multi-jurisdictional Frogger instant game program. The new initiative will allow lotteries to offer a grand prize and access to an integrated marketing campaign.

Frogger is one of the most popular arcade brands as it has sold over 20 million copies in its home video version and placed 16th on TIME magazine’s Top 100 video games. The game has been part of the Pollard Banknote licensed game portfolio for a while now, and has proven to be a major hit among players and established instant game performer across playstyles and price points.

More on the New Program

The new multi-jurisdictional program will also lotteries to offer a showstopping grand prize and access to an integrated marketing campaign while sharing the costs across jurisdictions. To add to that, every segment of the new initiative will be incorporated with an Irish version of the classic Frogger theme, while also sending a few lucky winners on a trip to the Emerald Isle.

According to the press release, the amazing trip will persist of three nights at Hard Rock Hotel Dublin and three nights at one of the island’s most magical addresses, Adare Manor. This full week of exclusive experiences will allow lottery winners to familiarize themselves with the country’s history, stunning nature, and cuisine. Second-prize winners get a chance at $50,000 in cash.

Derek Gwaltney, Founder and CEO of Atlas Experiences, said the company is pleased to partner with the Manitoban lottery provider on the multi-jurisdictional Frogger second-chance program. He also elaborated that their company’s vision is to develop custom experiences that deliver the wow factor and winning moments that winners are thrilled to share and that the program meets all the criteria.

Brad Thompson, Vice President, of Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote, shared that the supplier is pleased to team up with Atlas Experiences to leverage the proven popularity of Frogger in this new initiative. He added that the promotion is exciting for smaller jurisdictions that may not be able to offer large-scale promotions like this one on their own.

Eventful Start of 2023

This January has been particularly riveting for Pollard Banknote as the Winnipeg-based corporation has announced several important partnerships. For starters, the company inked a joint venture operating agreement with respect to NeoPollard Interactive and altered the parties’ Michigan Joint Venture Agreement with NeoGames S.A. This will continue the success of NPI and its market-leading partners.

Then at the end of the month, the lottery partner announced that two of its subsidiaries have been shortlisted for prestigious categories at the 2023 International Gaming Awards. First, Schafer Retail Solutions + is a finalist for Lottery Product of the Year. Meanwhile, mkodo limited is a finalist in Lottery Product of the Year and Best Innovative Bingo Product.

Source: “Pollard Banknote Partners with Atlas Experiences to Launch New Multi-Jurisdictional Frogger ProgramPR Newswire, February 2, 2023